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The effects of season and sex on the fatty acids (FAs) and proximate compositions of the mantle of the mature common cuttlefish were evaluated. The results of the proximate composition showed that the lowest lipid content was obtained from females in winter (0.74%), whereas the highest level of lipid was found in males in autumn (0.94%; p < 0.05). The protein levels of the mantle of the mature male of common cuttlefish were significantly higher (p < 0.05) than those found in female specimens. The FA compositions of each sex for all seasons ranged from 29.4% to 32.5% saturated FAs, 8.7-11.1% monounsaturated FAs and 48.2-54.6% polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). The proportions of n-3 PUFAs (44.0-50.6%) were higher than n-6 PUFAs (3.4-4.3%) regardless of sex and seasons. The levels of eicosapentaenoic acid in the mature common cuttlefish mantle in spring, autumn and winter were 15.9-17.8%, 16.3-17.2% and 15.7-16.8% while those of docosahexaenoic acid were 32.5-33.0%, 27.5-29.0% and 28.7-31.1%, respectively.

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Males and females from Soay, Welsh Mountain, Southdown, Finnish Landrace, Jacob, Wiltshire Horn and Oxford Down sheep breeds and a breed of feral goats were slaughtered when proportionately 040, 052 064 or 076 of mature live weight. Lipid concentrations in dried tissue were obtained for perirenal fat, omental plus mesenteric fat, subcutaneous fat, carcass muscle plus associated intermuscular fat, carcass bone and offal (pelt, head, feet and organs). Lipid varied from 260 g/kg dry matter (DM) for bone to 968 g/kg for perirenal fat.

As animals matured, lipid concentration increased in the dry matter of all tissues except bone, most rapidly in offal and least in intra-abdominal fat. The increases were highly correlated with the associated increases in proportion of dissected fat.

The expression of the DD2R gene was studied by in situ hybridization in the fat body (place of the synthesis of enzymes that degrade juvenile hormone) and ovarian follicular cells (place of the synthesis of 20-hydroxyecdysone) in young and sexually mature D. melanogaster females. It was demonstrated that the DD2R gene is expressed in the fat body, and its expression is higher in young females than in sexually mature females. The DD2R gene expression was not detected in ovarian follicular cells. 781b155fdc


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