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the game does not support external textures, only internal. there are also no external vertex and fragment shaders. also, while the core engine does have collision detection, it does not support the collision detection modules in unreal engine. the game uses a modified version of the unreal engine 3 sdk. there is a modified version of the engine that is a much earlier version than the one used by the unreal engine 4 sdk. if you have an older version of unreal engine, such as the version that shipped with unreal tournament 2004, then you will have to find a version that supports the version of the sdk that moonsorrow uses.

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xml files are used to store in-game data such as camera angles and player levels. each xml file has a unique id that can be used to reference the data. the data in these xml files is stored in a series of xml objects. each xml object has a unique id, and is contained in one xml file. the xml files are named using the same layout as the level files. the xml files are referenced by the level files, and loaded into memory as needed.

the game supports three types of cameras: the default camera, fixed cameras, and selectable cameras. the default camera is the camera the player is seeing from when he or she is not in a selectable camera. the fixed camera is a camera that can be set to a fixed position in the world, allowing the player to view their game world from that fixed location. the selectable camera is a camera that the player can change while in the game to view their game world from any location in the game. the game supports three types of selectable cameras, as well as a selectable terrain camera. there are also a few system cameras that are not selectable but can be used to view some information about the game.


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