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Romeo Иi Julieta 2013 __HOT__

In a speech at the 1999 Berlin Film Festival, Zimmer stated that he is Jewish, and talked about his mother surviving World War II thanks to her escape from Germany to England in 1939. In an interview in May 2014, Zimmer revealed that it was difficult growing up in post-War Germany being Jewish and said, "I think my parents were always wary of me telling the neighbors" that they were Jewish.[9] In an interview with Mashable in February 2013, he said of his parents: "My mother was very musical, basically a musician and my father was an engineer and an inventor. So I grew up modifying the piano, shall we say, which made my mother gasp in horror, and my father would think it was fantastic when I would attach chainsaws and stuff like that to the piano because he thought it was an evolution in technology."[10] In an interview with the German television station ZDF in 2006, he commented: "My father died when I was just a child, and I escaped somehow into the music and music has been my best friend."[11]

Romeo И™i Julieta 2013

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Zimmer co-composed the music for the television series The Bible, which was broadcast in March 2013, with Lorne Balfe and Lisa Gerrard, and the score for 12 Years a Slave, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in March 2014. Zimmer composed the Tomorrowland Hymn for the Tomorrowland festival to celebrate its tenth anniversary in July 2014.[53]

(1996, 20th Century Fox (US), director B. Luhrmann) which has got rather complex genre definition: both romance drama and romantic crime tragedy with some elements of a musical. It's actually modernization of W. Shakespeare plot although the main characters fall in love despite their feuding families. And finally, Romeo & Juliet (2013, Echo Lake Entertainment (US), director C. Carlei) is a romantic drama adaptation which "unlike previous major film adaptations, only follows the plot and uses only some of the dialogues written by Shakespeare" [15. P. 238]. As is clearly seen, the film title was changed introducing some graphics and the plot of 1996 and 2013 adaptations was changed as well. But unlike War and Peace and Anna Karenina, Romeo and Juliet has been never adapted as TV series or miniseries. 041b061a72


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