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Rajeshkumar Tamil Thriller Story Pdf ##VERIFIED##

In January 2016, Arun Vijay and director Arivazhagan announced that they would collaborate to work on a "high-octane action thriller" with a medical backdrop, which would begin in the following months.[5][6] The script was developed in early 2016, with the story being inspired by a novel by writer Rajesh Kumar, which in turn was based on real events. Arivazhagan developed Rajesh Kumar's novel into a screenplay within 15 days of gaining approval from the writer to use the story.[7][8] A formal launch event was held in March 2016, with Arun Vijay announced that the venture will be produced by his friend, Inder Kumar, under Redhan The Cinema People banner. Due to Arivazhagan's regular collaborator S. Thaman was busy with other commitments and unable to collaborate with him again at that time, Vishal Chandrasekhar was instead signed as the music composer.[9][10][11] During April 2016, the team shot scenes in the dumpyard of Pallikaranai with Arun Vijay reportedly working for 36 hours in a single stretch. Following the completion of the schedule, 30% of the film was revealed to be over.[12][13] Actress Mahima Nambiar joined the cast to play the lead female role, while Vamsi Krishna and Amit Bhargav were selected for further supporting roles.[14][15] The shoot continued throughout mid-2016, with the team filming climax scenes during nighttime in the Padur region of Chennai.[16][17] The team finished further sequences in July 2016, while taking a day off to give technicians the opportunity to watch the Rajinikanth-starrer Kabali (2016) on the day of the release.[18] The shoot finished thereafter, taking 45 days from start to finish and costing 3.5 crore rupees, and a theatrical trailer was released during September 2016.[19][20][21]

Rajeshkumar Tamil Thriller Story Pdf



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