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Lust Spin [v0.3] [APK]

An erotic adventure game with real porn pics and video developed by Martin Drake.In Lust for Life you assume the role of of a young male college student exploring a large open-world environment heavily populated by gorgeous women.Despite there being several hours of content to be explored, development is still ongoing. As new updates are released we will update the game here on as well.Updated to version 0.32.0 on March 15th 2023"A Sissy Story" spinoff version has been added. (version 0.4, updated on March 15th 2023) Play this if you're into Feminization, Sissy, Cock/Cum Lust, Submission, Humiliation, BBC, etc!

Lust Spin [v0.3] [APK]

This game is big and probably will grow even bigger as it will be updated. A huge map to travel around the world of lust. Evil witches to the lust away from inhabitants of this world. Before they all really loved sex and had it all the time. Your task is to get back those good days and kill witches. Follow in-game instructions. Patreon login will appear some times and seems that it doesn't work anyway. Maybe in future updates it will be fixed.

This is a spin-off game from the bigger game Whores of Thrones. This is a cards game really similar to blackjack. It has it's own counting mechanics but the basics are the same. You take the cards and try to collect points as close to 7.5 as possible. Who looses takes off some clothing. You can select multiple characters from the Game of Thrones to play with. 041b061a72


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