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How to Activate Windows 8 for Free with KMSPico

How to Activate Windows 8 for Free with KMSPico

If you are looking for a way to activate Windows 8 without paying for a license key, you might want to try KMSPico. KMSPico is a free tool that can activate various Microsoft products, such as Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, and more. In this article, we will show you how to use KMSPico to activate Windows 8 for free.

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What is KMSPico?

KMSPico is a software that mimics the Key Management Service (KMS) of Microsoft. KMS is a technology that allows large organizations to activate multiple devices with a single license key. KMSPico creates a virtual KMS server on your computer and replaces the trial license key with a volume license key. This way, Windows thinks that it is activated by a genuine KMS server and stays activated permanently.

Why Use KMSPico?

KMSPico has some advantages over other activation methods. Here are some of them:

  • It is free and easy to use. You don't need to pay for a license key or go through complicated steps to activate Windows.

  • It works offline. You don't need an internet connection or access to an online server to activate Windows.

  • It supports multiple products. You can use it to activate not only Windows 8 but also other Microsoft products, such as Office.

  • It is safe and virus-free. Unlike some other activation tools that may contain malware or spyware, KMSPico is clean and trusted by many users.

How to Download and Install KMSPico?

To download and install KMSPico, you need to follow these steps:

  • Turn off your antivirus and Windows defender. Some antivirus programs may detect KMSPico as a threat and delete it. To avoid this, you need to disable your antivirus and Windows defender temporarily.

  • Download KMSPico from a reliable source. You can find many websites that offer KMSPico download links, but some of them may be fake or infected. To be safe, you should download KMSPico from its official website or from a reputable site like FileCR.

  • Extract the zip file and run the setup file as administrator. After downloading KMSPico, you need to extract the zip file and run the setup file as administrator. The password for the zip file is 12345.

  • Follow the installation wizard and complete the installation. The installation process is simple and straightforward. Just follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the installation to finish.

How to Activate Windows 8 with KMSPico?

To activate Windows 8 with KMSPico, you need to follow these steps:

  • Run KMSPico as administrator. After installing KMSPico, you need to run it as administrator. You can find it on your desktop or in your start menu.

  • Click on the red button and wait for the activation process to complete. On the main interface of KMSPico, you will see a red button that says "Activate". Click on it and wait for a few seconds until you see a message that says "Successfully Activated".

  • Restart your computer and enjoy your activated Windows 8. To make sure that the activation is successful, you need to restart your computer. After that, you can enjoy your activated Windows 8 without any limitations or restrictions.


KMSPico is a powerful and popular tool that can activate Windows 8 for free. It is easy to use, works offline, supports multiple products, and is safe and virus-free. If you want to activate Windows 8 without paying for a license key, you should give KMSPico a try. e0e6b7cb5c


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