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Enei Sample Pack Rarrar =LINK=

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Introducing FREE BTP ARTIST SAMPLES! Stuck on what to get from our store Here is over 175 demo samples taken from 30 of our official DNB artist packs with samples from Simula, Annix, Enei, Born On Road, Voltage, Visages and many more - What are you waiting for Get in the studio now and get a taste for the By The Producer sound.

`Dirty Fingers` is all about the raw emotional energy of live dubstep. This pack is all about the warmth and comfort of dark countryside, about uplifting the soul of chill-out music. Our tip for this package is to make use of both high and low frequencies, low frequencies for the smell of sweet herbs, spring, wood fire and fresh air, high frequencies for tranquil piano keys and chords easing your soul in the high mountains of the mountains or the floating feeling through the clouds. Let the artist add a personal touch to a DNB classic. This pack is coming directly after 15th anniversary By The Producer 10 Tracks. This pack is the best way to introduce people to our sound. * 409 Mb 101 Wav Files

Everything you need to get started with the 15 Years By producer pack, which is a reference pack with a great selection of fresh, original by the producer samples, put together by Radikal Records, with a lot of inspiration from the labels media package (albums, music videos, tv and movie ads, several music videos). * 111 Mb 100 Wav Files* d2c66b5586


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