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Best Buy Wifi Thermostat [HOT]

Gone are the days where thermostats used to be those boring old contraptions stuck on the side of your wall. With the introduction of smart thermostats, controlling the heat in your house has never been more exciting and convenient. Smart thermostats are equipped with WiFi capabilities. With this innovative integration, WiFi thermostats offer many valuable benefits to accommodate your busy and on-the-go lifestyle.

best buy wifi thermostat

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Walk into a refreshingly cool home on a hot summer day, or step into a toasty warm office after driving through a frigid snowstorm. Smart thermostats are compatible with a variety of mobile apps so you can remotely access your temperature settings and change them via laptop, tablet, or smartphone before you arrive at your destination.

Smart thermostats offer intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces, allowing you to set customized settings in the comfort of your own home. If you're on vacation, your smartphone or tablet can access your WiFi thermostat from anywhere in the world to set schedules and create custom away settings to make sure you aren't wasting unnecessary power.

How many times have you left the house only to realize that you forgot to turn the heat down? It happens to all of us. It's also a lot of energy and money down the drain. With a smart thermostat, energy efficiency and saving money go hand in hand. Access your temperature settings remotely through your mobile device and lower your heat no matter where you are.

The Nest thermostat learns your unique schedule and then programs itself to accommodate your lifestyle. It does this by using sensors to determine your patterns. Once your routine is established, Nest automatically lowers the heat when you aren't home to help save energy. It's easy to install and may lower your heating and cooling bills by up to 20%. The Nest thermostat can also be controlled remotely using your smartphone.

Honeywell thermostats know where you are at all times by using geofencing technology. Once you leave the predetermined perimeter, the system automatically lowers the heat to improve energy efficiency. The Lyric Honeywell thermostat also includes a humidity sensor that prompts your ventilation system to move air when humidity levels get too high. All Honeywell thermostat models are quick to set up, and can be controlled from anywhere on the globe using your mobile devices.

Back in 2011, the original Nest Learning Thermostat took the world by storm, offering Wi-Fi connectivity in a stylish puck-shaped device that could learn your daily routine and create heating and cooling schedules accordingly. While the Nest wasn't the first connected thermostat to hit the market (Canadian-based Ecobee beat it by two years), it was nonetheless a game changer that helped spawn a new market. Both Ecobee and Nest are still at it, but now face stiff competition from HVAC industry mainstays such as Carrier, Honeywell, Trane, and others.

If you're looking to smarten up your home, your thermostat is a good place to start and can help you save a considerable chunk of money by reducing your heating and cooling costs. However, not all smart thermostats are created equal; some are designed for simple heating and cooling systems and offer basic scheduling and programming options, while others are designed for complex multi-stage systems and will control heating, cooling, dehumidifier, and ventilation systems. As is the case with most smart home devices, prices vary depending on features and capabilities. Read on to find out what to look for when shopping for your smart thermostat, and our favorite models we've tested.

Smart thermostats offer a variety of features that will not only help keep your home comfortable, but can reduce heating and cooling costs. The most basic models are relatively inexpensive but are still equipped with Wi-Fi radios that allow you to connect the device to your home network and the internet. They can be controlled from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet using a mobile app, and some models also let you control things from a web browser.

Many of the latest smart thermostats contain humidity sensors that will trigger an alert when it detects high or low humidity levels, and some models will display your local weather forecast. The Ecobee Smart Thermostat With Voice Control comes with a remote room sensor that helps keep temperatures uniform throughout your house, especially in rooms that are far away from the thermostat.

If you want your thermostat to automatically lower the temperature when you leave your house and kick back on when you arrive home, look for a model that supports geofencing technology, such as the Nest Thermostat. Geofencing uses your phone's location services to let the thermostat know when you have entered or exited a virtual perimeter around the house. Using the mobile app, you can set your preferred Home and Away temperatures and the thermostat will be triggered when you enter and leave the perimeter. Just make sure you have your phone with you when you leave the house.

Usage reporting is another helpful feature that lets you see a historical view of how often your system is running and how long it takes to meet its target temperature. Some thermostats even tell you what the outside temperature was at the time so you can see how it impacted your HVAC system. Other common features to look for include reminders for maintenance and replacing things like air filters, vacation scheduling capabilities, and power cycle alerts that let you know if your system is acting erratically. 041b061a72


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