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Re-Loader Activator 1.4 Beta 1

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Microsoft would unveil more Windows 8 features and improvements on the first day of the Build conference on September 13, 2011.[27] Microsoft released the first public beta build of Windows 8, Windows Developer Preview (build 8102) at the event. A Samsung tablet running the build was also distributed to conference attendees.

On February 29, 2012, Microsoft released Windows 8 Consumer Preview, the beta version of Windows 8, build 8250. Alongside other changes, the build brought over the big change from build 8195: removing the Start button from the taskbar for the first time in a public build since its debut on Windows 95; according to Windows manager Chaitanya Sareen, the Start button was removed to reflect their view that on Windows 8, the desktop was an "app" itself, and not the primary interface of the operating system.[34][35] Windows president Steven Sinofsky said more than 100,000 changes had been made since the developer version went public.[35] The day after its release, Windows 8 Consumer Preview had been downloaded over one million times.[36] Like the Developer Preview, the Consumer Preview expired on January 15, 2013.

The developers of both Chrome and Firefox committed to developing Metro-style variants of their browsers; while Chrome's "Windows 8 mode" (discontinued on Chrome version 49) uses a full-screen version of the existing desktop interface, Firefox's variant (which was first made available on the "Aurora" release channel in September 2013) uses a touch-optimized interface inspired by the Android variant of Firefox. In October 2013, Chrome's app was changed to mimic the desktop environment used by Chrome OS.[104][105][106][107][108][109] Development of the Firefox app for Windows 8 has since been cancelled, citing a lack of user adoption for the beta versions.[110]

A feature update to Windows 8 known as Windows 8.1 was officially announced by Microsoft on May 14, 2013.[204][205] Following a presentation devoted to it at Build 2013, a public beta version of the upgrade was released on June 26, 2013.[206][207] Windows 8.1 was released to OEM hardware partners on August 27, 2013, and released publicly as a free upgrade through Windows Store on October 17, 2013.[150][208][209] Volume license customers and subscribers to MSDN Plus and TechNet Plus were initially unable to obtain the RTM version upon its release; a spokesperson said the policy was changed to allow Microsoft to work with OEMs "to ensure a quality experience at general availability."[210][211] However, after criticism, Microsoft reversed its decision and released the RTM build on MSDN and TechNet on September 9, 2013.[212]

#1.4.0:4A new optional death/revival mechanic is addded to Horizon, to partially remove the cheesy feeling of "dying and reloading save games with all your stuff restored with no conscequences other than losing real time." This system is still in beta testing, but you can choose to enable it in the Horizon holotape settings. (I may default this feature to ON in the future once it's tested more.)

(Keep in mind this is a beta feature, I still want to add more depth to this system, such as limitations of settlements based on certain conditions, and more penalities so you can't abuse the system in certain cases. But I'd like to test it as-is for now.)

#1.7.0:2Even though v1.7 is a very large update, I consider it as a beta. Why Mainly because there is a lot of different things all being added/tested all at the same time. I look at v1.7 as the beta preparation for v1.8. As long as things go well, update v1.8 is going to add a lot of new settlement activities and features. Some of these things I don't even want to spoil with teaser images until it's ready to be released.

#1.8.0.BETA-1:14Q: Can I safely upgrade from v1.7A: Possibly, yes (as long as the save is from v1.6+).. but due to major structural changes, I make no guarantees that your save game will be balanced or even work properly. Afterall, 1.8 is a beta. Read the migrati


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