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Mastering Heavy Armor: A Comprehensive Guide to New World Builds

Hello gamers! I hope you're all doing well, especially those enthusiasts of heavy armor. Today, I'm thrilled to bring you a detailed guide on heavy armor builds in the popular MMO, New World. In this guide, we'll explore various aspects of heavy armor, including its strengths, weaknesses, and how it performs across different weapons, from the Great Axe to the Warhammer and beyond.

Understanding Heavy Armor

Let's dive right in. Heavy armor is most effective when paired with a flailing shield or sword and shield. The primary advantage lies in increased block stability, making you a formidable tank on the battlefield. However, the utility diminishes if you opt for a heavy armor build without these specific shield New World Coins types, and in such cases, you might find more success with a tanky medium build.

Here are some key attributes of heavy armor:

Incoming Crowd Control Duration: Reduced by 20%, essentially providing you with a sense of base kit freedom against crowd control effects.

Outgoing Healing Reduction: 30% reduction in outgoing healing. While this affects your ability to heal others, heavy armor excels in survivability rather than support.

Dodge Limitation After Melee Hit: For 5 seconds after taking a melee hit, you cannot run. This is a trade-off for the added bulk and defensive capabilities heavy armor provides.

PvP Crit Damage Taken: The highest among weight classes at minus 25%, making heavy armor wearers more resilient to critical hits.

Bulky Nature: As expected, heavy armor makes you bulkier, enhancing your overall durability.

Optimizing Heavy Armor Gear

For an effective heavy armor build, prioritize the following gear attributes:

Health: Boost your overall health pool to withstand attacks and outlast opponents.

Elemental Aversion: Protect against elemental damage, ensuring a well-rounded defense.

Freedom Jewelry: Include one or two pieces of freedom jewelry for enhanced mobility and freedom of movement.

Gear recommendations remain consistent across various heavy armor builds, focusing on health, elemental aversion, and freedom for jewelry. Notable gear includes the Jackalope antler sword, which offers versatility with empowering leap and strike for gap closing and mobility.

Build Variations and Weapon-Specific Tips

In the guide, the content creator showcases multiple heavy armor builds, emphasizing the importance of specific weapon synergies. Notable examples include the Great Axe build, the Warhammer build, and the unique Greatsword build, each tailored for different playstyles.

The creator provides insights into talent trees, gear choices, and recommended perks for each build. For instance, the Great Axe build utilizes magnetic gauntlets for increased crit chance, allowing for offensive sustainability and sustained damage output.

Arena Clutches and Outnumbered PvP Clips

The guide includes exciting PvP clips showcasing the heavy armor builds in action. From epic arena victories to impressive outnumbered battles, the content creator demonstrates the resilience and effectiveness of heavy armor in various scenarios.


In conclusion, mastering heavy armor in New World requires a strategic approach, emphasizing the right weapon synergies, gear cheap New World Coins choices, and skill allocations. The guide provided by the content creator serves as a valuable resource for players looking to optimize their heavy armor builds and excel in both PvP and PvE encounters.

Remember, the key to success lies in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen build, adapting to different situations, and continuously refining your playstyle. Whether you prefer the crushing blows of the Warhammer or the agile maneuvers of the Great Sword, heavy armor can be a formidable choice when wielded with skill and knowledge. May your heavy armor adventures in New World be filled with triumph and glory!


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