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Where To Buy Exit Signs

If you want an easy way to make your space safer, look at some of our exit signs and emergency lighting options. Whether you work in a school, a factory or a retail store, LED exit signs are necessary to protect your employees and your customers. Like standard safety precautions such as automatic sprinkler systems and accessibility features, these products are another intelligent way to protect your business, ensuring you've taken the steps to prevent accidents and injuries.

where to buy exit signs

We offer a selection of top-notch exit signs and exit sign guards and accessories. You can choose traditional edge-lit signs or try a more modern photo luminescent option. Add exit sign emergency lighting when you want the option of flashing lights in a problematic situation. We have dozens of options to help you get the perfect match for your needs. Find an option that meets your specifications for dimensions, wattage, lamps, voltage, battery life, housing, etc. For extra reliability in challenging environments, guards are also available to cover your fixtures and keep them well protected so that they last longer.

When the power goes out, emergency lights kick on using a battery backup, which helps provide a limited lighting outcome for staff and customers in the business. The emergency light combination gives you emergency lights attached to an exit sign that help funnel employees and customers to an exit door in an emergency or power failure.

Many of the exit lighting signs we offer are either single or double-faced exit signs. A single-faced exit sign is ideal for areas directly in front of a door, whereas a double-faced sign is an excellent way to direct people to the exit.

When a fire happens, most locations have indoor sprinklers which activate until the fire department arrives in hopes of either containing or extinguishing the fire. These sprinklers can ruin your exit signs. A wet listed option is ideal for protecting against this damage. They are also suitable for areas prone to moisture to ensure they work properly no matter the environment.

Any public space needs indoor and outdoor security lighting to truly be safe. Our LED exit sign emergency lighting and accessories selection is the perfect solution for any space that requires added safety. Each of our energy-efficient signs quickly signals where the nearest exits are in case of emergencies. Because our products use LED lighting, they are the most reliable option for providing constant functionality.

With tens of thousands of hours of life, you will never have to worry about your exit light fixtures. Each sign features a compact lighting installation that operates on fully automatically. Our products also have desirable features that you won't find with other retailers, including a low profile design, remote capable control, humidity resistance, and minimal energy consumption. You can also choose from back, side, or top mounting options. When shopping with us, get single and double-faced exit signs and accessories like metal guards and rechargeable lights!

Exit Signs and Emergency Lights are typically used in tandem to provide illumination and direct people to the exit of a building in an emergency. Exit lights are usually placed above doorways, while emergency lights are configured to provide lighting for a power outage. Here are some examples of exit signs and emergency lights:

According to building fire codes and insurance standards, public spaces in the United States require exit signs and emergency lights. Schools, offices, retail stores, government buildings, gymnasiums, movie theaters, and sports stadiums are among these places. Below are some example uses of exit signs and emergency lights:

Self Luminous Exit Signs Co. is a leading provider of tritium powered exit signs. The type of exit sign that we sell is completely universal and has a number of advantages over conventional LED exit signs.

Self Luminous Exit Signs Co. is a leading provider of tritium powered exit signs. The type of exit sign that we sell is completely universal and has a number of advantages over conventional LED exit signs, which require electricity. Tritium exit signs are completely self-illuminated for up to 20 years, depending on the model chosen. Eliminate operating and maintenance costs today!

Self luminous exit signs can be used both indoors and outdoors; since they do not require electricity they are inherently waterproof. They can be configured for single or double-face applications and all models come with a sturdy aluminum mounting bracket for top or side mounting.

The technology that illuminates our self-powered exit signs is quite interesting. Here is how it works; tritium gas, an isotope of hydrogen, is enclosed into shatterproof glass tubes which are arranged to spell "EXIT". The tritium gas glows green and can be seen from more than 100 feet away in total darkness. The tritium tubes are enclosed in a vandal-resistant thermoplastic housing and clear polycarbonate face shield. Tritium exit signs have gained popularity over the last 30 years because they eliminate the need for an electrician and have no maintenance costs for their entire lifespan.

Tritium exit signs require proper disposal so for that we offer our tritium exit sign recycling service. Recycling tritium exit signs is made easy with our simple and affordable process. When purchasing new exit signs, tritium exit sign disposal services can be purchased at a discounted rate.

All self luminous exit signs operate using Tritium, an isotope of hydrogen that has natural illumination properties; there is no requirement to connect it with any electric source or have a battery backup. These non-electric, self illuminating exit signs are easy to install and there are no maintenance or operating costs such as those associated with conventional electrically powered exit signs. Certified and approved by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), there will never be issues with code compliance.

Exit signs are required to be installed into all types of facilities and buildings throughout North America. All of our self illuminated exit signs are UL 924 Listed and approved for use in the United States and Canada. Self illuminated tritium powered exit signs are the most reliable exit lighting solution today and are accepted by all fire marshals and building inspectors around the country.

Many of our potential customers are looking for battery operated exit signs, which unfortunately do not exist. The batteries inside electrical exit signs are for backup purposes only. Battery powered exit signs can never exist because the battery would die and have no way to recharge without being hard-wired. So, the solution is self luminous exit signs!

Self luminous exit signs are also known as self powered exit signs or tritium exit signs. These synonymous names all refer to the same product. Since tritium gas is an isotope of hydrogen, these signs are sometimes also referred to as nuclear exit signs or radioactive exit signs. To some this might cause alarm, but the truth is that these signs are completely safe, are regulated by the US and Canadian governments, and are suitable for all types of exit sign applications.

The Tritium within our self luminous exit signs is sealed within shatterproof glass tubes and housed within polycarbonate casing which is impact resistant and tamper resistant. With different frame and face color choices, we have a sign that will look attractive in any interior. Tritium glows a bright green and can be seen from up to 125 feet away.

Self luminous exit signs come in a 10, 15, or 20 year lifespan. The 10 and 20-year lifespan models are always in stock and offered at wholesale prices. Place your order by 4pm EST and it will ship the same day! Self luminous exit signs signs are affordable options in both new construction and retrofit projects as there simple installation eliminates the cost of hiring an electrician.

Red, green, and black face color choices are standard. White or black frame color choice is standard. We also offer self luminous exit signs with white face color, but for these models we must use more tritium to meet UL standards so they are slightly more expensive.

Lastly, choose between a single or double-sided sign. For applications where EXIT will need to be visible from either direction, usually in a hallway or other corridor, select a double-sided model. For wall (back) mount applications, typically seen over an exit door, a single sided model is suitable. Both types come with an aluminum mounting bracket that allows you to install the exit sign in the manner that you decide.

The Chloride 44R Line edge- lit LED exit sign has a new contemporary design with a smaller compact size. The universal 44R Line exit can be surface mounted (ceiling, wall, end) or recessed mounted (ceiling, wall) all with one specified catalog number.

The EXPL series offers exits signs made from natural materials using photoluminescent technologies, removing the need for toxic materials to be used. The photoluminescent materials also means no electricity is needed to power the units, charging in 5FC of natural and fluorescent light.

The CT700E Series LED exit sign offers a contemporary, slim profile, steel housing design ideal for commercial and institutional installations. Designed to meet State of Connecticut requirements, the CT700E utilizes an ADA compliant, modified accessibility symbol. 041b061a72


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