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What is Throw-in Betting? Sharing Winning Strategies for Throw-in Betting

Throw-in betting is currently one of the most popular forms of soccer betting whenever it appears on Wintips.Com. This type of betting offers diversity in options and attractive winning odds. Let's decode everything you need to know about throw-in betting as well as master some winning strategies for this intriguing type of betting.

What is Throw-in Betting?

Throw-in betting, also known as Throw-in Betting in English, is a fairly common form of betting in soccer. This type of bet refers to when a player throws the ball in by hand after it goes out of bounds due to an opponent touching it along the sideline.

At top 10 bookmaker, this type of bet will rely on statistics of throw-ins performed during the match to offer betting options and determine wins and losses. Despite being a secondary form of betting, many bettors still choose throw-in betting to experience diverse and rich betting options while ensuring winning opportunities.

Throw-in betting is an intriguing and attractive form of betting in soccer.

Common Types of Throw-in Bets

Throw-in soccer betting, like other forms, offers diverse betting options such as:

First Team to Throw-in: In this type of bet, players need to accurately predict the team that will be awarded the first throw-in in the match. When playing this odds, you need to observe the game as teams dominating will usually have a higher probability of getting the first throw-in.

Last Team to Throw-in: Contrary to predicting the first team to throw-in, this bet type focuses on selecting the team that will be awarded the last throw-in in the match. Players need to note that the last throw-in will be counted until the referee blows the final whistle. When playing this type of bet, you should bet on the disadvantaged team in need of a goal.

Throw-in Over/Under: This bet type is based on the total number of throw-ins awarded to both teams and the odds set by free bet bookmaker to determine wins and losses.

Throw-in Handicap: This is considered a form of handicap bet but for throw-ins during the match. Bookmakers will set the throw-in handicap, and players need to predict which team will be awarded more throw-ins, considering the handicap.

There are many different options for bettors in this type of bet.

Points to Note When Placing Throw-in Bets

When playing throw-in soccer betting, here are some points to note to achieve the highest effectiveness:

Regarding Time Calculation for Bets

The first team to throw-in bet will be valid throughout the match until one of the teams makes the first throw-in, ending the bet.

In case no throw-in occurs during the match, players will be refunded their bets.

Throw-in handicap and over/under bets will be available for both halves and the full match.

Counting Throw-ins

Throw-ins performed during the match will be considered valid. Throw-ins that violate the rules or require a redo will still be counted.

Winning Big Strategies for Throw-in Betting

The number of throw-ins performed and the odds set by bookmakers are two factors determining players' results. You will need to equip yourself with some effective experience and strategies to achieve the best results when playing this type of bet:

Analyzing Tactics

The playing style or tactics of both teams significantly influence the outcome of throw-in bets in the match. You should bet on teams that often attack on the wings as the chances of the ball going out along the sideline will be higher. Conversely, teams that typically attack through the center will have lower probabilities of getting throw-ins.

The tactics of both teams will significantly impact the throw-in betting result.

Accumulating Experience

Learning from the experiences and tips of previous players and experts will also help you play throw-in betting more effectively. Through these forums, you can learn how to place bets at the right time and choose which team has a higher winning probability.

Observing Match Situations

Specifically, you need to monitor changes in personnel when both teams make player substitutions or tactical changes. If a team has a player specialized in performing throw-ins, the frequency of these situations occurring during the match is likely to increase. This factor affects all types of throw-in bets, including over/under, handicap, first team to throw-in, and last team to throw-in.


Throw-in betting in soccer has been detailed through the article above. Hopefully, the shared information will help you improve your skills and understanding of this exciting betting type to achieve the highest effectiveness.


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