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[S3E12] Dead Angels

The lobby of the Hyperion Hotel is full of Angel Investigations clients, both human and demon. Lorne uses his skills to communicate with various non-humans, like Mr. Bleeshusengrung. A group of Nahdrah demons wants to hire Wesley, as they read some articles he wrote about demons. Gunn takes Allison, a human client who is being stalked by her ex-boyfriend, to a private office to discuss her case. She says she's gone to the police, but they think she's crazy, and Gunn sympathizes with her, mentioning that sometimes the police don't take cases seriously until someone ends up dead. Allison then mentions that Brian is dead, which leaves Gunn thoroughly confused.

[S3E12] Dead Angels

Meanwhile, Wesley and Gunn are at Allison's house to protect her. She wonders how Brian can stalk her if he's dead, and, while Wesley is explaining how such a thing could be possible, Brian, who is a zombie, tries to break in. Gunn and Wesley are able to keep him out.

Angel Investigations is flooded with customers. Everyone is busy, and Cordelia says they're being stretched a little thin, but Angel claims they can handle it. When Cordy tells him to answer the phones he seems more interested in the pocketbooks of the people on the other end than their problems. Gunn talks to a woman whose dead ex is stalking her, while Wesley and Lorne talk to three demons in chrome face masks who, Lorne says (translating), having read some of Wesley's work, want to buy his head. When he clarifies he tells Wes that they want him to solve a traditional puzzle for them. While they're talking Fred notices the complicated geometric pattern on the demons' tunics, and they leave suddenly to either consult their prince or eat a cheesemonkey.

Sam and Dean break into Bela's apartment in order to get the Colt back, but she has tipped off Agent Henriksen (guest star Charles Malik Whitfield) about their whereabouts and they are arrested. While Sam and Dean are locked in a cell in Colorado, a demon breaks in and kills some of the sheriff's men and possesses Henriksen. After the guys vanquish the demon, the FBI agent realizes they were telling the truth and prepares to release them, but Ruby shows up to warn Sam and Dean that the jailhouse is surrounded by a band of demons with a powerful new leader who wants Sam dead.

Groves arrives with the chopper and insists Henriksen fill out a copious amount of paperwork. He visits Sam and Dean in the holding cell, and reveals that he is in fact possessed when he shoots Dean in the shoulder. Sam fights him off and begins an exorcism, which is cut short when the demon vacates the host. Henriksen and others, alerted by the noise, rush in to discover Groves is dead on the floor - but are confused by the lack of blood, and have no choice but to believe that Sam and Dean did not shoot him, though they still do not believe the Winchesters' explanation - that he was possessed.

FBI agent Calvin Reidy goes outside to find out what's happened to the rest of the officers in the chopper, only to discover that they are all dead - throats slashed. The chopper explodes and Reidy is killed by another demon possessing one of the fallen officers.

Sam finds Lafayette outside the bar having forgotten his keys. While Sam fumbles for the door key Lafayette sees Sam's hands covered in blood and hears him thinking, "Cross me and you're a dead man." It is another of Lafayette's visions.

Back in Fangtasia, Russell proposes a deal to Sookie. He promises her $5 million and says he will kill Eric, Bill, or both. She wants both of them dead and his house. She wasn't serious and tells him she will not release him. Russell tells her that some vampire in the future won't be able to stop itself when it tastes her delicious fairy blood and will drain her dry. She finds Talbot's crystal jar with his remains and realizes that Russell thinks he can bring him back.

Supernatural starred Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. Throughout the series, they teamed up with angels, demons, and other hunters on their adventures. There also were a few familiar guest stars that they ran into.

A herd of cattle was found dead, and two bodies were found with severed heads in a local town. When Sam and Dean examined one of the heads in the morgue, they found a hidden fang located above the teeth. They bumped into another experienced hunter searching for vampires.

Dr. Berenbaum tells Mulder she thinks that UFOs are actually insect swarms. He takes a call from Scully but hangs up after saying only, "Not now." There is obviously an instant sexual chemistry between Mulder and Dr. Berenbaum. Mulder phones Scully later that night from his hotel room and confesses he hates insects. Meanwhile Scully can't help ribbing Mulder over the Doc's first name (i.e. Bambi!!) Just then, he hears a scream and goes to a room down the hall to find a hotel guest dead and again covered in roaches. The death is put down to a heart attack, he gets the medical reports back and all of the attacks are put down to the method of death Scully had previously proposed to him, but on closer inspection the roach exoskeleton was indeed made of metal.

The Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit has produced new facial images of a longstanding unsolved cold case of a woman who was found dead in the Fosters area of Tuscaloosa County on the Black Warrior River in April 1982.

As they begin the game, Whitey tells Nathan he has to miss the game as he skipped political science, the lesson Dan spoke in. The game progresses and the Ravens are losing by the end of the first half. Dan attempts to get Whitey to put Nathan in the game, but he refuses. Lucas also has a go at persuading as co-captain, but Whitey is still adamant that Nathan won't play. As Mouth is in the restroom, Brooke comes in and apologizes to him. She asks to hang out after the game but Mouth refuses as he has plans with Rachel, even though he has forgiven her. Dan goes to find the scout who compliments Lucas' game rather than Nathan. Keith approaches them and encourages his views on Lucas, much to Dan's dislike. Haley confides in the counselor as she tells her she doesn't know what to do with college and her husband. As Lucas scores another shot, Brooke asks what he is on, but Haley corrects, what is he not on. As the Raven's huddle, Nathan remembers telling the counselor he wants to go to Duke and as his father didn't, he could as he is better. He calls Lucas from the sidelines and tells him to put the ball in the dead spot with the opposing team. Lucas follows the instructions and wins the game. As he does, Lucas remembers telling the counselor that the reason he joined the basketball team was all because of his Uncle Keith as he wanted him to fit in and Keith is like a father to him.

Cristina joins George outside the hospital. She tells him about the dead dad's club. You can't get in it until you're in it. Her father died when she was 9. She's really sorry he had to join the club. George doesn't know how to exist in a world where his dad doesn't. Cristina says that never really changes.

In 10 Downing Street, the Master is on his way to his first Cabinet meeting. He meets Tish Jones, who now works at 10 Downing Street. After speaking to Tish, he walks into the Cabinet Room. He tosses dossiers into the air, but his enthusiastic attitude only manages to elicit a smile from Albert Dumfries. The Master quickly changes his attitude and insults the Cabinet, calling them traitors for abandoning their political parties and jumping on his political bandwagon as soon as they saw the vote swinging his way. As their "reward", he quickly sits down and puts on a gas mask. Albert asks the Master why he is wearing a mask, and the Master replies that he's wearing it because of the gas, a process made difficult to explain because the mask muffles his voice. Before anyone can figure out what he means, toxic gas is sprayed into the room from the two deskphones' speakers. Albert manages to splutter out, "You're insane!" to the Master, who replies with a double thumbs up, before he drops dead on the table, following the other ministers. The Master, surrounded by his dead cabinet, begins to tap his fingers on the table in a four-beat rhythm.

That evening, one of the Toclafane appears before the Master asking if "the machine" is ready. The Master informs it that it will reach a critical mass at 8:02 AM, two minutes after the "first contact". The Toclafane reminds him of the darkness that is coming from which the Toclafane must run, but the Master merely reminds the creature of their deadline.

Angel accidentally witness a hit-man committing a murder; his testimony is discredited, the hit-man is acquitted and Angel ends up almost dead. In the end, everyone except Angel wins out. Jim consoles Angel by telling him that he does end up with something even though it's not very much value - his life![3]

Aria, Spencer and Hanna enter the cabin looking for Emily, but no one is there. They realize she is in Belmar where Caleb is headed. Lyndon follows Emily all the way up into the lighthouse. Emily tries to call 911, but cannot answer as he fights her, knife in hand. In the struggle for the knife, she stabs him in the stomach. He falls to the floor. Caleb shows up and leaves his gun on a shelf in the tower while comforting and hugging Emily. Suddenly, there is a gunshot and we see in later scenes that Caleb has been shot in the abdomen. Caleb's and Lyndon's bodies are loaded into an ambulance as a completely distraught Hanna sobs, with Spencer and Aria comforting her. The police confirm that Lyndon is dead, while questioning a traumatized Emily about Lyndon. "The deceased was a friend of yours?" Paige goes up to the police while Emily runs forth to the other girls. She says to the police that someone had sent her a text telling her to go to Alison's grave, but Nate had gotten her before she could get there. Later, the four girls are in the hospital, waiting to hear further news about Caleb's condition. He is in surgery, and isn't dead. The girls see Garrett and Veronica Hastings walk in. Veronica walks over to the girls and apologizes for what Emily experienced. However, she says that thanks to Emily, Garrett is a free man. The girls get a five-way call from A, yet again in a distorted voice, saying: "Emily, I owe you one." Emily looks up at Garrett, who smiles in return. 041b061a72


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