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Facebook App For Ipad 2021 Freezes

Have you managed to fix Facebook freezes when tapping a photo to watch it in full size? Did any of the tips provided above help out? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

facebook app for ipad freezes

Iphone 12 pro max user here, happens to my facebook too, meanwhile my messenger has flickering videos but is fine when i download the video itself and open it from photos. None of the listed solutions are working rn. Is this apple or facebook issue? Its frustrating.

Tried updating to 15.0.2 and this issue still seems to be happening to me. However, if instead of closing the app, I switch to a different app and then back to Facebook, it unfreezes. Still not ideal, but a decent workaround in the interim

I have the same problem on my iPad Pro (3rd generation), iOS 15.1. Only in my case this happens when I click comments in order to read them. Many of the afore mentioned tricks help. Also, there seems to be a time-out of some sort. Waiting about 30-60 secs will unfreeze the Facebook app. This only happens with the app, not if I use facebook with a browser (Safari).

Some users report their Facebook videos to freeze for many seconds when they pause the videos, and for others, the videos freeze abruptly when they try to fast forward or rewind them. Under normal circumstances, these problems shouldn't happen. But thankfully, you don't need any special skills or tools to restore normalcy when your Facebook video freezes.

If your network connection isn't to blame when Facebook freezes on your Android, you might want to ensure that the Facebook webpage or app finds sufficient space to load and run on your device. To check up on the available space on your device,

With these simple troubleshooting techniques at the back of your mind, you'll get to grin instead of wince whenever your Facebook video freezes on Android. You don't need any prior technical skills or a deep pocket to apply these techniques. They're swift, cost-effective, and highly effective.

Often when any website with interactive components freezes, the problem is not with the website but with your Internet browser. To avoid this problem, install all updates to your browser and run its latest version. If you are still having problems, clear your browser's cache and cookies, which could be slowing the browser down. If that still doesn't work, use a different browser. If the problem persists in a different browser, continue troubleshooting.

Facebook allows third parties to run applications on the Facebook platform. Sometimes these applications have errors that cause the website to load slowly or freeze. If your browser only freezes when you are using a particular application, attempt to resolve the issue when it happens by clicking out of the application and then back in again. Also try refreshing your browser. If it happens repeatedly, contact the application's developer.

Occasionally, Facebook has errors within its platform. Examine the Known Issues page ( to see if anyone else has reported a similar problem. Contact Facebook with a bug report if you have exhausted all other possibilities and you think the problem is with the website.

My 6S Plus freezes every hour. Clear installation with 11.0.1 made things a bit better but with no significant changes. 11.0.2 update did not help either. On this %#*@ OS I have problems with all apps, including Safari and Podcasts

iPhone 6+ with N56AP running 11.2, installed this morning. Continues to freeze often right after waking. Putting it to sleep and then re-opening will temporarily free it up until the next time it freezes. In any app.

The iPhone is functional at certain level, every time you try to volume up or down, it freezes, if you bring up the command center, it freezes up, if you change the light level it freezes up, but just for about 30 seconds, then it does what you asked it to do, even unlocking the phone with TouchID takes time to accomplish, camera does not work at all, but other apps allow me to use them as long as no popup is needed, for example, asking for permission to access my location in maps.

i have the exact same problem, after trying to call on whatsapp it froze and i forced a reboot. it was stuck on the apple logo and i managed to turn it on two times just by pluging my phone in the charger while it booted up. but a day later nothing helepd. i restored and updated my phone multiple times sometimes it froze, other times it rebooted by itself and got stuck again and once i restated the phone just to be shure it worked. i managed to. turn my phone on agian but it hangs and freezes and i cant get past the startup menu... how can i fix thiss

That's right Alex Vasile, I've done it several times since it is the only thing left to do, but it won't prevent it from happening again and again. In the meantime you are without a phone and it can be for hours if you're on a full charge when it freezes.

So, Everytime the phone locked up I left it. No rebooting I just set it down and walked away till it unfroze itself. It took three times and now it has been more than a week with no freezes. Now I am refusing all upgrades. Good luck!

my apple ipad pro 2017 seams to be froze . it came up saying that it was upgrading software to apple id. at stuck on that. when i can get to my password it go to hellow in a number of difference languages. thats it. cant get it to slid nothing. touch screen wont respond and key boards eighter.

None of the suggestion works for me. I hold both button, does not work. I connect to my laptop and turn on the itune, Nothing shows up about the ipad. I charge it for an hour. It does not work. Help me what to do.

I was doing the IOS update and my ipad got frozen. After about 30 minutes, I tried turning it off and back on. Is now stuck on the iTunes icon screen with an icon of the power cord. Opened iTunes on my computer, plugged usb into computer, then held the home button and plugged into ipad. ITunes does not recognize my ipad. Tried using find my ipad on my iPhone, but it says the ipad is offline. I have tried numerous times using the home button and the power button at the same time. Always comes back to the iTunes icon screen. Any suggestions of anything else I can try?

My ipad air was changed for a new one at your apple store in stratford last weekbut not it keeps going to a all red screen and switching offit then starts again then red screen again and off

Magic Keyboard and Safari in ipad OS 15 issue I updated to iOS 15 on my ipad and the safari app no longer accepts the spacebar when typing. It works fine in all other apps, including Chrome. Any ideas?(Source)

I have a course where all the content is in the video clip. When published it works fine for some (pc and ipad), but for others it just freezes on the first frame of the video (which is the entire course). The freezing only occurs on iPad.

There seems to be a loading issue with videos embedded within Storyline and low bandwidth users. Users have said they see an incomplete pre loading image (the circle with the lines) before the video appears and then it freezes.

When running the screen, the seekbar indicator continues to advance even though the video clip that's at the start of the timeline doesn't play...the video just freezes. Again, it's a situation where it seems like the video is not triggered to play, and/or get's hung up while loading or all of the above. I've tried setting the video to 'play when clicked' and it's the same result.

I have iPad 8th generation I purchase just for Illustrator. It seems to work fine for awhile then just freezes or crashes. I thought it was just my iPad but I see I'm not the only one having this problem. So discouraging!

Same thing is happening to me. Brand new iPad, illustrator is literally the only app I have on here so far. I can draw for maybe 4 minutes then everything freezes. have to close out and reopen and it doesn't save.

I have been having so many issues lately. A few months back when I first downloaded the app, I had issues with freezing/crashing due 'too many layers' according to another user, so I followed that advice and all went quite well for a while after.... Then after one of the updates, I have continuously had issues with the app freezing- this happens during saves, trying to select a layer, and often coincides with things disappearing after I made them invisible and tried to turn them back to visible. This has happened on new documents, old documents... Some of my purchased templates that worked a few months ago can't be opened on ipad anymore.. It's getting to be really frustrating. The amount of time I spend going back and redoing work because of glitches and having to find work arounds is becoming very time consuming... PLEASE fix the bugs before worrying about new features... I beg of you... New features are kind of worthless if you can't get the app itself to work.....

Hey there, maybe you can help me. Sometimes when reading a news article, or science or whatever thats NOT on, or through, facebook, in order to post a comment on the site it asks me to login to FB to post. Ive tried several times on several sites, and it never works. I simply cannot seem to post. Its starting to really fruatrate me. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time

People you may know feature has disappeared over five months I have tried alot approachs different Web browser allso privacy settings and tried to public and friends of friends change my language remove my app and set up again if I delete my facebook account and set up a new facebook account with different email would that help I have tried contacting Facebook on so many occasions but no avail can you please help thanks

When the Pinterest app crashes or fails to open, it blocks you from discovering and saving cool things (pins) to your profile. Sometimes it may even get troublesome to open or log in as the Pinterest app freezes and refuses to launch when you tap it.

What should you do if your iPad freezes? You may feel unhappy and wonder the reasons why iPad freezes. It may be temporary. You only need to reboot your iPad. But sometimes, rebooting your iPad is not enough and you need other solutions to fix the problem. How to fix it and prevent iPad from freezing? Here are some ways if your iPad freezes.


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