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Baby Blue Spruce Trees are an improved strain of the Colorado Blue Spruce Tree. They are comparable to the best blue clones of the species. Every tree is very blue with needles arranged in a pyramidal, compact pattern. This long-lived specimen is slower growing than the other spruce in the species, but the silvery-blue foliage intensifies with age and is well worth the wait.

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The Baby Blue Spruce is a slow-growing version of the native Colorado Blue Spruce. Excellent as a miniature Evergreen tree in natural form, perfect for smaller gardens or confined spaces. Makes a formal statement in the garden. Superb container specimens, or mass plant these baby spruces to make a privacy screen or a windbreak.

The new, 24 series ukuleles offer a combination of exotic tone woods. Spalted maple back and sides offer a unique look and tone, while a solid spruce top projects a voice much larger than its size suggests. Deep red, padauk body and fingerboard binding, combined with a padauk rosette, add a beautiful pop of burgundy to their already striking appearance. Additional features include a mahogany neck and spalted maple headstock veneer and a satin polyurethane finish. Available in soprano, (24S), concert (24C), tenor (24T), tenor with cutaway and electronics (24T-CE) and baritone (24B).

The silhouette is clad entirely in teal velvet over the underlays as well as overlays, much like the leather or suede structure often seen on sneakers. This update has a familiar look thanks to the radially aligned toe box perforations, mesh tongue flaps, tonal bright spruce Nike Swoosh, and contrasting white lace sets.

At Spruce Creek High School we believe that learning does not stop when the bell rings. Students are encouraged to take part in any opportunity that helps them become a better student and citizen of the world. One such opportunity is international travel with fellow students. We have a number of teachers who work independently with various educational tour groups to organize travel opportunities that are not school or district sponsored for students. Please visit the website and reach out to individual teachers with questions and to find out more. 041b061a72


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