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How to Download and Install Ease and Wizz Plugin for After Effects for Free

How to Download and Install Ease and Wizz Plugin for After Effects for Free

If you are looking for a way to add some flair and smoothness to your animations in After Effects, you might want to check out the Ease and Wizz plugin. This plugin is a collection of expressions that allow you to apply different types of easing to your keyframes, such as bounce, elastic, expo, and more. Easing is a technique that makes your animations more natural and realistic by changing the speed and acceleration of the motion.

Ease And Wizz Plugin For After Effects Free Download

In this article, I will show you how to download and install Ease and Wizz plugin for After Effects for free. You will also learn how to use the plugin to create some amazing animations in After Effects.

How to Download Ease and Wizz Plugin for After Effects

The Ease and Wizz plugin is available for free on the website of its creator, Ian Haigh. You can download it from here. The plugin is compatible with After Effects CS3 and above.

Once you have downloaded the zip file, you need to extract it to a folder on your computer. You will find two files inside: EaseAndWizz.jsxbin and EaseAndWizz_readme.txt. The first one is the plugin file and the second one is the documentation file.

How to Install Ease and Wizz Plugin for After Effects

To install the Ease and Wizz plugin for After Effects, you need to copy the EaseAndWizz.jsxbin file to the Scripts folder of your After Effects installation. The location of this folder may vary depending on your operating system and version of After Effects, but you can usually find it in one of these paths:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects \Support Files\Scripts

  • Mac: /Applications/Adobe After Effects /Scripts

If you don't see the Scripts folder, you may need to create it yourself. Make sure that the folder name is exactly Scripts, with no spaces or special characters.

After you have copied the plugin file to the Scripts folder, you need to restart After Effects. Then, you can access the plugin from the File > Scripts menu. You should see an option called Ease and Wizz.

How to Use Ease and Wizz Plugin for After Effects

To use the Ease and Wizz plugin for After Effects, you need to have some keyframes in your timeline that you want to apply easing to. You can select one or more layers or properties that have keyframes, or select all keyframes in your composition.

Then, go to File > Scripts > Ease and Wizz. A window will pop up with some options for applying easing. You can choose from four categories of easing: In/Out, In, Out, or Specials. Each category has several types of easing that you can select from a drop-down menu. You can also adjust the amplitude, frequency, and decay parameters for some types of easing.

Once you have chosen your desired easing type and parameters, click on Apply. The plugin will automatically apply the easing expressions to your selected keyframes. You can preview the result in your composition window or render queue.


Ease and Wizz is a handy plugin that can help you create more dynamic and realistic animations in After Effects. It is easy to download, install, and use, and it offers a variety of easing types that you can apply to your keyframes. You can download it for free from here.

I hope this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy animating! e0e6b7cb5c


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