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Oru Kudayum Kunju Pengalum: A Heartwarming Novel by Muttathu Varkey

Oru Kudayum Kunju Pengalum (A Hut and Two Little Girls) is a novel for children by Muttathu Varkey, one of the most beloved writers of Malayalam literature. The novel tells the story of Baby and Lilli, two sisters who live with their aunt in a hut after losing their parents. One rainy day, Lilli goes to school with a torn umbrella and gets teased by her classmate Gracy, who snatches her umbrella and throws it away. Baby promises her sister that she will bring her a new umbrella when she comes back from school. She sets out to find a way to earn money and ends up meeting a kind-hearted circus owner who gives her a bird-shaped hut as a gift. The novel follows the adventures of Baby and Lilli as they try to fulfill their dreams with the help of their new hut and their friends.

The novel is a classic example of Muttathu Varkey's simple and beautiful writing style that appeals to both children and adults. The novel explores the themes of love, friendship, poverty, compassion, and courage. The novel also showcases the rich culture and landscape of Kerala, with vivid descriptions of the monsoon, the backwaters, the coconut trees, and the circus. The novel has been adapted into a movie and a television series, and has been translated into several languages. The novel is available as a PDF download from various online sources[^2^] [^3^].

If you are looking for a heartwarming and inspiring story that will make you smile and cry, Oru Kudayum Kunju Pengalum is a perfect choice. You can read more about the novel and its author on Goodreads[^1^].

Oru Kudayum Kunju Pengalum is not only a novel, but also a symbol of hope and joy for many readers. The novel has inspired many people to overcome their difficulties and pursue their dreams. The novel has also been used as a teaching material in schools and colleges, as it offers valuable lessons on morality, social justice, and human dignity. The novel has been praised by critics and readers alike for its realistic portrayal of the lives of the poor and the marginalized in Kerala. The novel has also been recognized as one of the best works of Muttathu Varkey, who is widely regarded as the king of Malayalam popular fiction.

Muttathu Varkey (1913-1989) was a prolific writer who wrote more than 150 novels and 500 short stories in Malayalam. He was born in Kainakary, a village in Alappuzha district of Kerala. He started his career as a teacher and later became a full-time writer. He wrote mainly for the common people, using simple language and engaging plots. He wrote on various genres, such as romance, family drama, social satire, historical fiction, and children's literature. He was also a pioneer of Malayalam cinema, as he wrote scripts for many movies and directed some of them. He won several awards and honors for his contributions to Malayalam literature and culture, such as the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award, the Padma Shri, and the J.C. Daniel Award. aa16f39245


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