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Once Upon A Prince [BEST]

Another prince film and the prince is played by the same dude who was a prince in one of the other prince films but I can't remember which cos they all blend into each other and I don't care enough to look it up.

Once Upon a Prince

Prince Charming is based on the prince from the fairytale "Snow White", the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the fairytale "Rapunzel", as well as Tom Canty from the novel, The Prince and the Pauper. He is also an allusion to Flynn Rider from the Disney film Tangled.

When one of the farm's lambs go missing, David and his tracking dog Wilby search for it, but they find the animal already dead from being exposed to the overnight cold. He returns to tell his mother what happened, and she becomes dismayed at their shrinking flock as their resources are scarce as it is. Ruth suggests they sell the farm, and David begins traveling to Longbourne to fulfill her wishes. During the journey, Wilby leads him to a cart belonging to Gabriel, a merchant headed for Longbourne. They decide to make the trip together, but David passes out after being drugged by Gabriel, who uses Wilby to track down Snow White and deliver her to the Queen for payment. After David wakes up, Wilby takes him to the cart Snow is imprisoned in. David attempts to break her out, only for a masked Woodcutter, actually Gabriel, to engage him in battle. After having the head of his ax cut off by Gabriel, David dodges an attack, causing Gabriel's weapon to make a hole in the cart instead. This allows Snow to grab onto Gabriel's ax and hold him back, while David stabs Gabriel to death. From the man's body, David finds a key to free Snow, but she insists that he cannot see her face because her enemies will target him. He gives her the key to let herself out after he is gone and then asks what she was doing in the woods. Snow tells him about surviving on her own, and upon learning David is selling his farm, she offers to give him her money as thanks for him saving her. When she forms a plan to get money for herself by stealing from a corrupt nobleman, David questions if this is something she can do on her own, to which she confirms that since she has his support, she won't be alone. As she passes him the coins from her bag, their hands touch, unknowingly creating the first spark of true love, which grows into a sapling. ("Heartless")

Some after, Rumplestiltskin persuades David into being a replacement prince for his deceased brother, James, and in return, he'll receive riches for the farm and for his mother. He agrees to the plan for his mother Ruth's sake. As Prince James, he has to kill a dragon for King Midas. While meeting knights who will be accompanying him on the journey, David learns they will slay the dragon so he can take the credit. Atop of the dragon's lair, all but one knight perishes. David manages to save him while tricking the dragon and cutting off its head. Afterwards, King Midas is so pleased with the results that he offers up his daughter Abigail's hand in marriage. As David moves to reject the notion, Prince James' adoptive father King George pulls him aside to threaten to harm the farm and his mother if he does not comply. King George wants the alliance as well as the lands and riches it will bring, so David must agree to the marriage. David returns to inform Ruth of the change of plans, which sadly means he has to continue living the ruse of Prince James and marry Abigail, so it's not possible to see his mother ever again. As a parting gift, she gives him her own wedding ring, so that he can give it to the woman he loves. Returning to his role of Prince James, he and Abigail take the carriage ride on the scenic route towards King Midas' palace to begin their wedding preparations. ("The Shepherd")

During the carriage ride, a fallen tree blocks the road and David discovers it was deliberately placed there. Fearing an ambush, he and the guards quickly arm themselves, but the assailant is gone. As they near King Midas' castle, David is surprised by the exterior's gold-encrusted walls, though Abigail says he'll stop noticing after a while. During the engagement party, he offers to dance with her, but she complains about wearing uncomfortable shoes. David proposes fetching another pair, though his wife-to-be sarcastically calls him her hero and walks off. Heading upstairs, he stops someone from stealing his ring. Upon flipping the bandit over, he realizes the thief is a "girl". She corrects him, calling herself a "woman", and then hits him. The woman escapes, though David angrily shouts that he will find her again. Later, he learns out she is a wanted murder, Snow White, and he catches her in a trap where she spitefully dubs him "Prince Charming". He asks for his ring, though another prince, Charles, states it is with his princess, Leia, who is now the Queen's prisoner, so they must save her first. On the journey to the Queen's castle, Prince Charming toys with Snow White's vial of fairy dust, which she is saving to turn the Queen into a bug. She claims the Queen hates her for ruining her life, and the charges on the wanted poster are false. Snow White enters the castle first, but tells the princes to wait until nightfall. To Charles, Prince Charming describes his marriage as a business transaction, and he had hopes of marrying for love. A friend of Snow White's, Red Riding Hood, transforms into a wolf to help break into the prison. They regroup with Princess Leia and another freed prisoner, but witness Snow White's execution. However, Prince Charming realizes she isn't dead, but simply turned herself into a bug with the remaining dust. With the Blue Fairy's help, she reverts to human. The next morning, Snow White secretly makes off with the ring, though he catches her at the Troll Bridge. When he is trapped, she saves him by threatening to turn the trolls into bugs. At their parting, Snow White jokingly tries on his ring, but declares it's not her style. With the terms of their agreement satisfied, they both leave in opposite directions. ("Snow Drifts", "There's No Place Like Home")

Although heartbroken, Charming cannot bear to marry a woman he does not love and runs off from the impending wedding. During this, he is accosted by some henchman and believes they are King George's men until being set free by them. In actuality, Abigail sent soldiers after him, as she wanted to get to him first before King George. She, too, does not wish to marry him. When he inquires about her reason for helping him, Abigail takes Charming to a golden statue of the man she loves, Frederick, who became immobile after being touched by her father's curse. Her many attempts at true love's kiss have failed, though there is the magic water of Lake Nostos rumored to restore something once lost and is guarded by a ghastly creature. He decides it's in his own best interest to bring Abigail and Frederick together again. She protests against this, but Charming claims succeeding will lift Abigail out of her own misery, and if not, then the misery of failure will be his own. After scooping up some of the lake's water, a Siren in the form of a beautiful woman rises from below the surface. He stands his ground against the alluring woman until she turns into the one person he desires most, Snow White. He is nearly seduced by her but shakes out of his stupor upon realizing this carbon copy of Snow is no replacement for true love, to which she tries to drown him. While underwater, he grabs a dagger and stabs the Siren to death. He then goes back to Abigail and gives her the water, which is poured on Frederick to revive him. As thanks for reuniting them, Abigail and Frederick give him a horse. Charming locates Snow's latest hideout but finds Red Riding Hood instead, and she explains Snow went to meet with him and never came back. He professes his desire to find Snow and convince her they belong together, which doesn't make sense to Red, as she clearly remembers Snow left to break up his wedding because of her love for him unless something changed. As Charming figures out King George drove Snow away, the king arrives on horseback to close in on them, to which Charming and Red flee for safety. ("What Happened to Frederick")

As two guards haul him out for execution, Prince Charming breaks free of them and flees, but is apprehended in the hallway by another one of the Queen's underlings. Surprisingly, the man shoots the remaining guard instead of Prince Charming and then takes off his helmet to reveal himself as the Huntsman. He returns Prince Charming's sword and provides him with some provisions and a map out of the castle. The Huntsman explains how he gave up his own heart when disobeying the Queen's orders to kill Snow White, and asks that his sacrifice not be in vain. Prince Charming makes it outside but is entrapped in the Infinite Forest by the Queen. He encounters Rumplestiltskin, who steals his ring and magically enchants it so the closer Prince Charming is to Snow White, the brighter it will shine. Prince Charming tries to take the ring back by force, but Rumplestiltskin bests him in a duel until he agrees to a deal. Rumplestiltskin hands him a bottled vial of true love encased in an egg to hide in the body of a beast. After wandering into a castle, Prince Charming is caught off guard when he meets a witch, Maleficent, who then turns into a ferocious dragon. While hiding behind a pillar, he notices Maleficent has a flap behind her ear that can fit the egg. Goading the dragon into chasing him, he eventually hops onto her neck and tosses the egg into the ear flap. An agitated Maleficent then shakes Prince Charming off her neck and spits flames at him, but he quickly jumps out a window. Landing in the water, he surfaces in time to see the dragon's head sticking out the window as she makes a futile attempt to huff fire at him. Making it to shore, Prince Charming receives the enchanted ring from Rumplestiltskin, and as an added bonus, the wizard also magically transforms his clothes into something befitting a prince and bestows a horse for his journey to Snow White. ("A Land Without Magic") 041b061a72


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