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First Time Ball Busters Vol 2 REPACK

Cons: It was ball busting without much Femme Domme since Brother Love obviously called the shots. A first aid kit was needed in one scene. First Time Ball Busters 4 delivers what the cover suggests it will. In separate scenes eight naked chicks punch, kick, stomp, slap, bite, pull, twist, and knee Brother Love's balls while occasionally giving his cock ...Show Full Review Buy First Time Ball Busters 04 offers the largest selection of adult DVDs for rent. Watch Adult DVDs from the convenience of your own home for a low monthly fee, on a Weekly basis (Rent-Per-Title). New releases are added daily. There are more than 12,000 adult DVD reviews to help youchoose the movies you want to watch. DVDs are delivered in discreet packaging.

First Time Ball Busters Vol 2

Lux Lives, Jane Colburn, and Little Jay have never busted balls before but have always wanted to! At first they are each hesitant to kick too hard with their boots, but as they realize how much fun it is their kicks become gradually more intense. Really wanting to see the damage they are doing, they strip their male test subject naked revealing his already red, swollen balls. They continue to take giddy pleasure in experimenting with other ways to bust balls, repeatedly slapping and kneeing and kicking them from behind. When its looking like their toy can't take much more, they each give a final crushing kick from behind! These three truly take pleasure in ballbusting!

My favorite sports memory of the season came when the Utes played UCLA at home in football. Julian Blackmon came on a safety blitz and sacked Bruins quarterback Dorian Thompson Robinson, causing him to lose possession of the football. Mika Tafu was there to scoop up the loose ball and rumble over 60 yards for a touchdown. It was easily the loudest moment in Rice-Eccles Stadium from this season and one of the more electric moments I have seen in my time as a student. The Utes also went on to win the game 49-3, a part of the stretch of eight straight wins that secured them their second straight birth into the Pac-12 championship game as the Pac-12 South champions. 350c69d7ab


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