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prof. jdharmarajan completed his bachelors, masters and phd from madras university. his phd dissertation was on the history of public education in tamilnadu and was awarded in the year 2006. he has been teaching in the area of history and anthropology at sri vijayaraghu college of arts and science, madurai from 2001. his work has been published in the journals international journal of man-animal studies, international journal of cultural studies and modern thought 1.



he is an active member of "t.n.kelkar foundation" and has been a research fellow of the same. he is also an "approved research fellow" of jnanalakshmi university. he is also a member of the "association of archaeological studies in south india".

in his free time he does some fiction writing in the tamil language and has recently released two novels in the tamil language entitled, "manamalai vechaartham tamilnadu tamilnadu" and "karpaikka selvi".

he has worked with american heritage school in 2009, when the school conducted its first international summer camp in the us. he also worked with american heritage school in 2011 during it's international abroad camps.

he has done his master thesis work on a project related to ancient tamil nadu. the work was selected as a part of the asia research consortium in asian studies 2010 and was awarded the indian council of social science research (icssr) certificate of merit in april 2011.

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