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Grayson Baker
Grayson Baker

Fujitsu Fi-4220c Driver 17l [HOT]

For an explanation of the tables, see thelegend.There are tables for scanners,still cameras,video cameras,APIs, andmeta backends.ScannersBackends: abaton, agfafocus, apple, artec, artec_eplus48u, as6e, avision, bh, canon, canon630u, canon_pp, coolscan, coolscan2, epson, fujitsu, gt68xx, hp, hp5400, hpsj5s, ibm, leo, ma1509, matsushita, microtek, microtek2, mustek, mustek_pp, mustek_usb, nec, pie, plustek, plustek_pp, ricoh, s9036, sceptre, sharp, sm3600, SnapScan, sp15c, st400, tamarack, teco1, teco2, teco3, u12, umax, umax1220u, umax_pp, unsupported

Fujitsu Fi-4220c Driver 17l

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