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Principles Of Nuclear Medicine: Self-Assessment...

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Principles Of Nuclear Medicine: Self-Assessment...

In keeping with ABNM principles and definitions, and to effect harmonization with ABMS recommendations, the following classifications will be applied to nuclear medicine practitioners. Note that no individual may be classified in more than a single category at any one time. A physician is Certified, meaning they have met and continue to meet all required ABNM standards, or Not Certified, meaning they currently fail to meet at least one required standard for ABNM certification.

4102 MEDICAL ETHICS AND LAW Medicolegal and ethical principles involved in the practice of Nuclear Medicine Technology. Topics covered include the code of ethics and the legal implications of negligence and malpractice in the clinical nuclear medicine setting.

Atomic and nuclear structure 1 Types of radiation 1 Interactions of radiation with matter 4 Radiation quantities and units 1 X-ray production 2 Image quality 2 Radiographic geometry and image formation 2 Film-screen detectors 2 Mammography 2 Fluoroscopy and II-based radiography 2 Computer principles 2 Computed radiography 2 Computed tomography 6 Digital image processing 1 Magnetic resonance imaging 10 Ultrasound imaging 5 Radioactivity and decay 1 Radionuclide production and radiopharmaceuticals 2 Radiation detector systems 2 Gamma spectroscopy 1 Statistics 2 Planar gamma imaging systems 2 Nuclear tomographic imaging systems (SPECT and PET) 2 Quality assurance testing 2 Radiobiology 3 Radiation protection 2 Explaining radiation to patients 1 Regulatory and accreditation issues 1 TOTAL 66 8.2SUGGESTED TOPICS FOR A COMPREHENSIVE, RADIOLOGICAL PHYSICS COURSE FOR THERAPEUTIC RADIOLOGY RESIDENTS

The mission also noted areas where improvements could be made to enhance the national nuclear and radiation safety regulatory infrastructure. These include: establishing the national policy and strategy for safety in accordance with the IAEA fundamental safety objective and principles; updating the legal framework for nuclear and radiation safety by commencing revision of the Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control Rules, which define the fundamental principles and rules for the protection of workers, the public and the environment; and developing BAERA's human resources plan to ensure that a sufficient number of trained, qualified, competent and certified staff are available to perform all its functions effectively. 59ce067264


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