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MAD-020] The Beast Fuck 11

In this continuity, Enri's parents were killed by Chaos Beasts and she became the de-facto village chieftain after the previous chieftain was killed during an attack on the village by Contaminated Beasts. To save Nemu's life, she urged the younger girl to go an find help while she remained in the village protect the remaining villagers. To save what was left of her home, Enri and another villager named Morgan lured the monsters to the Tob Forest in hopes they could get the Wise King of the Forest to fight them off. The plan failed as the beast was nowhere to be found and the two were separated. Nemu brought help in the form of adventurers and the protagonist, but by then Enri was killed by a Quadruped Chaos Beast. The rescue party took what was left of Enri's remains and buried her in the village.[8] Months after her death, Nfirea Bareare took her death very hard and was noted to descended into a great depression. His grandmother Lizzie hired the protagonist and his team to collect some mementos of Enri from the abandoned village to give Nfirea some closure.[9] However Enri's death still ate at Nfirea's mind, drastically changing his personality to a cold sociopath. The boy devoted his every hour to devising a way to enact his revenge on the Chaos Beasts for Enri's death.[10][11]

MAD-020] The Beast Fuck 11


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