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WinPE10 8 Sergei Strelec X86 X64 2018 05 03 English Serial Key __TOP__

in the video to this topic you said the Amazon key couldnt crack bitlocker but I belive there is one usb key that actually can.There is a win 8/10 Pe of a russian named strelec it has different tools like backup /restore data/diagnostic and lots of other full versions of nice tools (not all soft on the stick is really officiall by the way) under the tools are also 2 tools to replace the windows password and also a BITLOCKER UNLOCK TOOL. From my experience the russian version is supported a little better then the english by strelec but the english one is fine aswell. I dont know if I m allowed to pos links here so I dont but you should be able to find it fast when you google: WinPE 10-8 Sergei Strelec (x86/x64/Native x86) 2017.05.04 English version you should try it its really nice for other diagnostic stuff than windows cracking aswell and its downloaded folder contains all descriptions and stuff needed to make a bootable usb in 10 minutes.

WinPE10 8 Sergei Strelec X86 X64 2018 05 03 English Serial Key



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