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European Odds or Asian Handicap: Making the Right Betting Decision

European Odds and Asian Handicap are two fundamental types of betting odds nowadays and are familiar to any bettor. However, not everyone understands the differences between these two types of odds along with their respective appealing points. Therefore, this article from Wintips will the comparatif bookmaker between European Odds and Asian Handicap in betting for you to follow.

The Difference Between European Odds and Asian Handicap

European Odds and Asian Handicap are known as two popular types of odds favored by many bettors. Almost every match offered by bookmakers features these two types of odds.

So what are the differences between European Odds and Asian Handicap? This is a question many players, especially newcomers to betting, often ask. To place accurate bets, you need to fully understand the essence of each type of betting odds and determine the appropriate betting method.

Wintips experts have pointed out some fundamental differences between European Odds and Asian Handicap as shown below:

Time of Introduction

Today, both types of odds appear on bookmakers' boards, but Asian Handicap has evolved from European Odds and has been modified to be more suitable. Therefore, these two types of odds certainly have differences in terms of the time of introduction.

European Odds have been offered for a long time by European bookmakers. However, to objectively evaluate the strength of two teams, Asian Handicap was introduced.

Number of Betting Options

For European Odds, the number of betting options is only 3: Win – Lose – Draw. Betting is straightforward, but the likelihood of winning bets is not high.

If you bet on Asian Handicap, you will have up to 9 betting options to choose from. The higher number of betting options is due to the handicap odds offered by bookmakers. These odds aim to balance the betting options and increase the chances of winning for players.

Betting Odds

European Odds are displayed on the odds board including the stake and the winnings. This means that if you bet with stake B and the odds are 1.9, when you win the bet, you will receive (B x 1.9) + B. Usually, the winning odds for European Odds bets are high, with an outstanding win rate of 33.33%.

As for Asian Handicap, the winning odds are not as high as European Odds, but the probability of winning is higher at 50%. The handicap ratio between the favorite and underdog teams provided by bookmakers often varies, such as level handicap, odd handicap, and even handicap.

Information Analysis Needed Before Betting

To make appropriate bets, analyzing match information is a crucial factor. For seasoned bettors, seeking all information to choose the right type of odds is essential. However, there is specific information that players should pay attention to when choosing betting options for these two types of odds.

For European Odds, players only need to rely on the results of matches to choose suitable bets. Therefore, head-to-head records should be the first information to consider. Other relevant information such as form, playing style, and lineup are also important.

Choosing suitable betting options for Asian Handicap requires considering more information. Besides relying on the number of goals scored in the match, you should also pay attention to the difference in strength, recent form, and playing style. Therefore, to participate in betting on this type of odds, you need to grasp information such as league standings, recent form, match characteristics, etc.

Different Naming Conventions for Odds

Another difference between European Odds and asian bookies indonesia Handicap that you can easily recognize is the naming conventions for odds. This allows you to distinguish between each type of odds.

For European Odds, there is no specific name, but it is expressed specifically through the 1×2 symbol. As for Asian Handicap, it is called Handicap and has the corresponding symbol HDP.


According to experts, the general psychology of most players tends to prefer Asian Handicap more. This is because this type of odds has lower risks and higher stability compared to European Odds.

However, experienced players often combine Asian Handicap with European Odds to optimize their profits. European Odds have higher handicap ratios, so the profit amount after winning bets is also very high.

Hopefully, our sharing about the difference between European Odds and Asian Handicap in betting has helped you gain more useful betting experience about these two types of odds. Choose the type of odds that best suits your playing style.

In conclusion, understanding the differences between European Odds and Asian Handicap in betting is crucial for anyone venturing into the world of sports betting. European Odds, with their straightforward win-lose-draw options and high winning odds, appeal to many bettors seeking simplicity and potentially high returns. On the other hand, Asian Handicap bookmaker free bet no deposit a wider range of betting options and higher probabilities of winning, making it a favorite among seasoned bettors looking for lower risks and greater stability.

Both types of odds have their own advantages and appeal to different types of bettors. While some may prefer the simplicity and potentially high returns of European Odds, others may opt for the lower risks and higher probabilities of winning offered by Asian Handicap. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on individual preferences, risk tolerance, and betting strategies.

Regardless of which type of odds you choose to bet on, thorough analysis of match information, understanding of odds, and strategic betting are essential for success in sports betting. By making informed decisions and adapting to different betting situations, bettors can maximize their chances of winning and achieve long-term profitability.

In the dynamic world of sports betting, staying informed, continuously learning, and adapting to changing trends and odds are key to staying ahead of the game. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced bettor, the journey of mastering the art of sports betting is ongoing and filled with excitement, challenges, and opportunities. So, equip yourself with knowledge, hone your skills, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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