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America's funniest auto mechanics take calls from weary car owners all over the country, and crack wise while they diagnose Dodges and dismiss Diahatsus. You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.

For example, the strength and flexibility of rubber may change. It may become brittle, hard, or cracked, or it may soften and become spongy, or sticky. Plastics may lose strength, and, at the same time, become brittle, crack and shrink with age. Rubber and plastic surfaces may be altered by cracking, developing chalky or dusty surfaces, or becoming sticky. Colour changes may be caused by reactions that change the molecules of the polymers that constitute plastics and rubbers, or by changes in dyes or pigments that accompany general deterioration. Plasticiser, an additive that gives flexibility, may be lost if it is volatile (that is, evaporates readily), or may be rejected as the polymer molecules link to each other (crosslink), or as its solubility parameters (a measure of its capacity to dissolve materials) alter during aging. Poly(vinyl chloride) and the cellulose esters (cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetates) are particularly prone to this behaviour. Stabilizing additives may evaporate, creating less stable plastics and rubbers.

Fractures rib cases are a different breed of car accident injury because although they can be unbelievably painful, they require little and sometimes no medical treatment in the healing process. Rest and ice are free. But fractured ribs are really about allowing time to heal.

Valuing broken ribs in a car accident lawsuit is difficult because it is an injury that involves a lot of pain but not much medical treatment. The typical settlement value of broken ribs in an auto accident lawsuit can be anywhere between $15,000 to $100,000 depending on various circumstances (assuming cracked ribs are the primary injury).

I am a survivor as well as a medical professional...I've been in 2 MVAs, having experienced an mTBI in the first, being unconscious for 12 hours and being disoriented for about a day after...I was working on my PhD in neuropsychology, ironically I realize. Tried to go back to school almost immediately and that was less than successful. To make matters worse, I had several Tonic-Clonic Seizures that semester. All in all it took 10 years before I could return to school and I wasn't able to continue in my program for neuropsychology. The computations were performed by hand back then and I just wasn't quick enough and my short term memory was unreliable at best. I also struggled with outbursts of anger and depression, I had been a 4.0 student all my life. I was having a very tough time adapting and repeated Seizures weren't helping either. The medication I had to take left me exhausted and the brain injury interfered with my basic reasoning. I was working at a local counseling center and I had trouble using a phone, it was bad. I had to take time off to focus on recovery. Like so many here, I lost friends not because they didn't care, per se...but because I couldn't do the emotional and intellectual work of maintaining a stable friendship. As I had studied neuropsychology, at least I understood what was happening and could do some small things to rehabilitate my brain. Crossword puzzles, math challenges that were timed, Checkers against the computer, and counseling. I finally sought professional assistance as well. Finally after 10 years, I decided to try nursing school. It wasn't easy. I passed with a 3.0, not spectacular...but it was still just enough to pass (2.85 pass) I definitely wasn't the gifted/talented student I used to be in public school or the honors student I was at was a very painful change. It would take a long time to accept who I was now. After graduating, I became an Emergency/Trauma nurse and earned my first assist. (I was able to assist in the actual surgical procedure to


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