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Slut Hotel Part 3

Sean has fucked three hot sluts so far, but the hotel still has more to offer. Down the hall he finds Isis, Rachel and Romi in the middle of a pillow fight, and it's not long before they're fighting over his big cock.

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[Pg 3]"Well, this is a night for celebration," thoughtPearl, as she left her hotel to walk down to thecorner of Stanton Street, to catch the Juarez car.The car was filled from door to door with oldMexican women, wrapped in black shawls, whichwould have been black with dirt had they beenoriginally any other color, and loaded down withtopping bags filled with the bare necessities thattheir own Immigration was kind enough to letthem bring in, and anything else that they mighthide under the numerous dirty underskirts theymight happen to have on.

The band played wild, hot, throbbing, beating,[Pg 15]maddening, breath-taking, passionate music, whilethe crowd swayed in and out, and around. Youngmen whispered soft, sweet words. Old men whisperedsoft, sweet words. Young and innocent earslistened and remembered. Not so young and lessinnocent ears heard, still they did not hear. Handsof young men strayed over their partner's bodies.Hands of old men strayed over their partners.Young and innocent figures quivered, and whispered,"Darling, I love you," while less young,and less innocent said, "Get your hand off myPratt."

"Honey, riding a wild horse is tame beside tryingto sit on that fender," laughed Mickey. "Well,I'll see you all tonight at the party, as soon as thebridge closes." She waved as she went on downthe street.

"Whiskey, pal," answered Harry; then toPearl, "Listen, honey, are you doing anything tonight?I'm going on a party, and it may be a bitrough, but would you like to come? I know youwill have a good time."

"Oh, that's great," said Harry. "Well, I gotto be going now. I've got to get that band toplaying, and start a little excitement in there, orthe guests will kick. So long, honey, I'll see youat the party."

As they reached the third floor a sight greetedtheir eyes that would have made the old Romangatherings look like child's play. There werecouples everywhere in the hall, some fully dressed,some partially dressed, others practically nude, all[Pg 58]oblivious of each other, while in the room therewere less clothes but many more bodies, layingaround on the floor, sprawled on chairs, on thebed, on the bathroom floor, while the bathtub waspiled high with ice and bottles of every description;the connecting room to the bathroom hadbeen opened, and an old phonograph was scratchingthe Mexican National Anthem, while a couplescantily clad, both male and female, in ladies'step-ins, insisted on doing their idea of the rhumba,which consisted mostly of the male part of theteam goosing the female with the third finger ofthe hand, while she leaped, and screamed, withelephantine grace, much to the joy of the spectators,who were beginning to undress and jointhe dance, midst shouts and screams of gaiety.

Of the three hosts that gave the party, two hadpassed to the realm of unconsciousness, while thethird sat stark nude on the dresser, with histoupee in one hand, and a bottle of whiskey in theother, wasting no time in trying to join his friendsin the happy state of unconsciousness.

"Why go hunting apartments? If you reallywant to be swell, then take an apartment in theHussman Hotel. They got the swellest in thistown, and there's no use taking anything but theswellest, since Big Boy is going to pay the bill."

They left the hotel, also a note on the door,saying they would be back shortly, as they hadgone apartment hunting. They moseyed by thePlaza, and over to the Hussman, where theylooked at apartments, which ended in Pearl takingone.

Harry pulled her close to him, all was quiet inthe hotel, and the streets were quiet. The rest ofthe night was bathed in liquid silver of a belatedmoon, but inside each of them there raged a tornadoof love, desire, passion, that was soon to bequelled by complete possession of each other, thena sweet sleep of quiet and peace, that equaledthe quietness of the silent city outside.

Evelyn awoke, looked around, then realized that[Pg 160]she was at Pearl's apartment, then looked next toher in bed, and was surprised that she was in bedalone. She slowly climbed out of bed, going tothe window, looked out on the lovely morning,then thinking of Irene, she started for the bedroomwhere Pearl was lying in Harry's arms,sleeping quietly.

"Well, that's hard to tell. Sometimes thosethings last only a few days, then again they havebeen known to last months, but if we can't go overthere, nobody else can, and I know all theapart[Pg 204]mentsaround here where there are likely to beparties, so the only thing to do is make the roundsof them, and chisel there, just like we did on theother side."

Mickey went to the phone, calling severalnumbers before she finally got Dusty, who fromthe trend of the conservation over the phone,was glad to get the other fellows for the party,much to the joy of Mickey.

Pearl's apartment was a total loss. Big Boy[Pg 214]had completely wrecked it with Harry, who hadcome out of his stupor long enough to put up asavage fight, all the participants of the party thatcould make a get-away had done so, except thosethat were too drunk to realize that this mightmean a jail sentence. Evelyn had taken Pearl intothe bathroom, with the help of Mickey, and theywere trying to revive her.

[Pg 216]The lobby was in a panic, the ambulance hadtaken Harry and Pearl to the hospital, and thepatrol wagon was backed up to the door, partlyfilled with screaming girls, and three officers hadover-powered Big Boy, and had him in anothercar.

"Well, it's up to me to stay out of his way.He knows where you live, and he can come upthere any time he wants to, so I'll have to stayin a hotel so he can't come up. Won't you movein with me for a while, Ev?"

They arrived at the States at the height of themerriment. The last of the crowd had gatheredthere before going home with each other. Pearland Mickey came in. As they sat down, acrossthe aisle sat Harry and a little blonde who hadjust come to town. He looked over to their table,smiled and waved, and went on with his talk tohis partner. 041b061a72


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