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Holiday A Soldier Is Never Off Duty Torrent


Holiday A Soldier Is Never Off Duty Torrent

Throughout the conflict, clone troopers continuously demonstrated extreme loyalty to the Galactic Republic, especially their Jedi Generals and the Supreme Chancellor.[1] The clones developed signs of individuality quickly, with the soldiers already showing themselves to be unique people during the first weeks of the conflict. Despite the Kaminoans claiming it would hamper their effectiveness, Jedi General Plo Koon realized that the clones worked better as a unit when they were able to live out their individuality.[31] Clones were expected by their brethren to be obedient to the chain of command, believing that their compliance reflected their commitment to the Republic. The Advanced Recon Commando CT-5555 "Fives" supported the system,[33] and was driven by his sense of duty[23] as a loyal soldier of the Republic.[34]

The Prime Minister dismissed the notion of replacing clone soldiers with recruits which he regarded as inherently inferior to his creations, but Tarkin was concerned that the clone trooper program was too expensive to maintain. He therefore considered conscription and recruitment a cost effective solution to the Empire's need for increased manpower.[18] Although cloning operations would continue for a short while longer,[20] rumors spread across the clone ranks during the early Imperial Era that the Empire had already halted the Kamino operations, making clones such as "Ding" and "Kicker" ponder the Empire's future and the fate of their kind. Knowing that the clone army had only one generation left in its future, older clones dreaded the notion of retirement and, therefore, sought ways to remain on active duty, such as joining the Emperor's Royal Guard.[58]

As trainees, clones held the rank of clone cadet and were organized into multiple squads for the purpose of learning cooperation and teamwork.[123] Cadets had several kinds of instructors; younger clones were monitored by full-grown clone sergeants[125] and bounty hunters were hired to supervise the older clones. If a clone was unable to complete training, they could be assigned to maintenance duty. By the time of the Clone Wars, Jedi Master Shaak Ti personally oversaw the training of new generations of clone troopers. ARC troopers were also assigned to inspect the progress of future troopers.[123] Clones deemed exceptional in comparison to the average, rank-and-file trooper,[126] were given specialized training in order to become elite soldiers, such as clone commandos[127] or ARC troopers.[126]

The clones lived and trained in Tipoca City, the capital city of Kamino, throughout their time as cadets.[2] Naturally, clones came to regard Kamino as their homeworld, just as official records did. Training and studying under the soft white lights of the clone facilities, most never saw the rain, oceans, clouds, or sky until they left for combat. Still, from the moment of their birth, the clones received encouragement from their trainers and genetic engineers to leave Kamino, and become soldiers among the stars.[35]

And whenever Rafael came home for the holidays or on vacation, each time taller than before, dressed like a fashion-plate and with mannerisms that she took for the height of distinction, the saintly mother would say to herself with the satisfaction of a woman who knows what it means to be homely: 1e1e36bf2d


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