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Grayson Baker
Grayson Baker

Treat Her Like A Lady

1.) Hold the door open for her. Sounds basic right? However, all over campus I have seen couples going out and rarely does the guy open the door for his date. The guy either opens it and walks through while passing the door off to his date, or the girl opens the door first and walks through with the guy following her in. Be a true gentleman and hold that door open for your lady to walk through.

Treat Her Like A Lady

2.) Pull her chair out for her. Now this is a practice that is rarely ever seen among our generation. If you go out to dinner and there are older couples going into the restaurant, just take a glance and see if they pull the chair out for their wife. I bet they do. My grandfather always pulled the chair out for my grandmother and each time he would say something sweet to make her smile. Things like that will really get you noticed.

7.) Have a nice conversation. One thing my friends have noticed on their dates is that either they are the ones that are only answering questions, and then they come out of the date feeling like they know nothing about the person they just spent 3 hours with, or their dates only seem interesting in talking about themselves, and so they come back from the date annoyed, and slightly confused. Make sure the conversation has some give and take. Ask questions, but also share details about your life as well.

9.) Do not expect anything at the end of the night. We did not go on the date so that you would take us home that night. We like the process of getting to know someone. Show some respect for the girl you are going on a date with, and at most, give her a nice hug and kiss goodbye. But do not expect anything more than that.

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