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This solution is ideal for protein and tannin stains such as wine, coffee, ink, grass, urine, and blood. This solution is also effective on pit stains and other old, set-in stains. Safe for all washable fabrics.

Stains build up over time. We recommend pretreating with every load to prevent dinginess and to remove stains and odor. While you may not notice a stain today, it is especially important to pretreat areas that are susceptible to buildup, such as underarms, collars, and cuffs.

To aid stain removal, pour water from a height or put the affected area under the faucet and let the pressure of the water help work the stain. Use hot water when treating cotton, linen, and durable synthetics and cool or lukewarm water for all other fabric types, such as silks, delicates, wool, or cashmere.

Watch out stains, this Homemade Stain Remover has just two common ingredients and removes stains in a flash! With just 2 simple ingredients you can tackle all the stains in your home easily and quickly!

When I bought a white couch three years ago everyone thought I was crazy. With three boys, a dog, and two cats there was no way I'd be able to keep it clean they said. Little did they know that I have the best homemade stain remover recipe out there and it's my secret weapon for cleaning!

No matter what kind of stain I come across I always turn to this two ingredient stain remover. It's easy and fast and it just plain WORKS. There's no need to google all sorts of stain solutions and removers, just make a batch of this miracle stain remover and you're good to go.

This is the best cleaning solution I have here on the blog, I hope you find it helpful! It has worked for me on blood and pet stains, food and drinks, even red wine! It also works on set in stains, which are the worst!

The sunroof was open and the guy drove my Jeep through the car wash! The headliner on it now has water stains on it. Do you think this would work on it ? I tried some stuff Stuff and Blue Coral but neither one worked. Would rather remove the stains instead of having to replace the headliner!

Not only does it work quickly, but it doesn't require complex tools or tons of labor. All you have to do is give the gallon a shake and apply the solution with a standard sprayer or our RMR electri c sprayer. Wait a few moments, and you'll see RMR - 86 PRO lift stains.

Cost - Saving Results: With no scrubb ing, sanding or blasting required, our penetrating formula can save you a fortune in labor costs. At least ten months of shelf life will make RMR - 86 PRO your go - to solution.

RMR-86 and RMR-86 PRO are part of a 2 step process step 1 is to remove the stains with RMR-86 and step 2 is to kill the mold by applying and EPA registered Fungicide like RMR-141 and RMR Botanical Disinfectant.

Surgistain is a quick, safe and efficient revitalizing solution that removes rust, pitting, stains and corrosion from stainless steel surgical instruments. For more then twenty years, hospitals worldwide have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by using Surgistain to restore instruments. Used routinely as part of the Ruhof System, Surgistain will help maintain the life and efficiency of your instruments and reduce repair and replacements costs. If used on a monthly basis in conjunction with our enzymatic cleaners Surgistain will restore the instrument's original finish and loosen box-locks and joints. Excellent for use on all ophthalmic and microsurgical instruments.

In Lab tests, it received the highest score out of 37 tested stain removers, performing especially well on lipstick, mascara and ink stains. It was also one of only three stain removers that noticeably lightened red food coloring stains. The Stain Scrubber contains enzymes that lift protein, tannin and oil stains and is safe to use on most fabrics.

Just spray directly onto a stain and allow to sit for up to five minutes, then launder as usual. It tackled greasy oil stains, lipstick and gravy stains be


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