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Como Baixar E Instalar Upgrade Library Version 3.0.0e No Seu PC

The upgrade of a vCenter Server Appliance might fail because a dependency shared library path is missing The upgrade of a vCenter Server Appliance might fail before the export phase and the error log shows: /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_get_network: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. This problem occurs due to missing dependency shared library path.

baixar upgrade library version 3.0.0e


Libraries in Linux systems are generally versioned so that it is possibleto have multiple versions of the same library installed, which eases upgradesand support for older software. For example, suppose that in a versionedlibrary, an actual library is called, a symbolic link points to, and a symbolic link points to Given these conditions, when youlink a binary against a library, you typically provide the unversioned filename (i.e. -lfoo to the linker). However, the linker follows the symboliclink and actually links against the versioned filename. The unversioned symboliclink is only used at development time. Consequently, the library is packagedalong with the headers in the development package $PN-dev along with theactual library and versioned symbolic links in $PN. Because versionedlibraries are far more common than unversioned libraries, the default packagingrules assume versioned libraries.

Many factors can influence the quality of a build. For example, if youupgrade a recipe to use a new version of an upstream software package oryou experiment with some new configuration options, subtle changes canoccur that you might not detect until later. Consider the case whereyour recipe is using a newer version of an upstream package. In thiscase, a new version of a piece of software might introduce an optionaldependency on another library, which is auto-detected. If that libraryhas already been built when the software is building, the software willlink to the built library and that library will be pulled into yourimage along with the new software even if you did not want the library.


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