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Nissan Kubistar [VERIFIED]


Nissan Kubistar [VERIFIED]

This entry level Kangoo is available in three variants with optional ABS and replaces the Puma I version which was short lived in the UK. Not surprisingly Nissan retain the same 5 door layout for this fourth generation and the last.

The least expensive automatic van from Nissan comes with a choice of six engines from 68-101. The entry level D13 model comes with the 1.5DIC with 98 hp and includes double front doors, a 6 CD stereo and has the air cooled engine. The D13 can also be had with a 105 hp D15 engine.

The 1.5-litre D15 engine has a 1.4-litre engine block and inline four-cylinder engine is the smallest engine available in the Kubistar, for this size of van with 95 hp and 76 lb ft of torque. The 1.9-litre engine is an air-cooled inline four-cylinder unit and produces 99 hp and 70 lb ft of torque.

It was only in the previous generation that the Nissan 1.8-litre dCi engine appeared. The van still has the same basic 4x4 architecture, but has been greatly expanded and now presents ample opportunity for the future; the tri-fuel system now allows van to run on bio-ethanol and methane combined, as well as run on diesel for a traditional Petrol Parc yield. The lead times for the new Kubistar have also been lengthened to 9-11 months and Nissan are beginning to streamline the showroom of Kubistar (and others) across Britain.

The new Kubistar is more stylish than the outgoing model, and incorporates the concept of the new X-trail, the third generation of Nissan's light commercial van. All new Kubistar is based on Nissan Navara platform. 3d9ccd7d82


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