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Joe Christmas Lyrics: A Guide to the R&B Singer's Holiday Songs

If you're looking for some smooth and soulful tunes to spice up your holiday playlist, you might want to check out Joe's Christmas songs. The R&B singer, best known for his hits like "I Wanna Know" and "All The Things (Your Man Won't Do)", has recorded several versions of classic Christmas songs, as well as some original ones. Here are some of the most popular Joe Christmas lyrics that you can sing along to this festive season.

This Christmas

One of Joe's most famous Christmas songs is his cover of "This Christmas", originally written by Donny Hathaway and Nadine McKinnor in 1970. Joe's version was released in 2000 as part of the Platinum Christmas album, which featured various artists like Britney Spears, NSYNC, and Christina Aguilera. Joe's rendition of "This Christmas" is a smooth and upbeat track that celebrates the joy of spending the holidays with a special someone. Some of the lyrics are:

Hang all the mistletoe

I'm going to get to know you better

This Christmas

And as we trim the tree

How much fun it's going to be, together

This Christmas

The fireside is blazing bright

And we're carolling through the night


And this Christmas

Will be a very special Christmas

For me

You can find the full lyrics of Joe's "This Christmas" on Genius[^2^] or watch the official video on YouTube[^1^].


Another Joe Christmas song that you might not have heard of is "Coupleskate", which was released in 1999 as part of the North Pole Records compilation album. This song is not a traditional Christmas song, but rather a nostalgic ode to the teenage romance that blossomed at the skating rink. Joe sings about holding hands, listening to Night Ranger, and buying snacks for his crush. Some of the lyrics are:

(Round and round)

Going round and round and round

Night Ranger playing in the stereo

Hold my hand

Stay with me

Round and Round

With the girl of my dreams

Heading over to the snack bar

Let me buy you a Coke and some nachos

Maybe later we can go outside

And make out under the mistletoe

You can find the full lyrics of Joe's "Coupleskate" on Genius[^3^] or listen to the song on Spotify.

Other Joe Christmas Songs

Besides "This Christmas" and "Coupleskate", Joe has also recorded other Christmas songs, such as "The Christmas Song", "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". You can find these songs on his albums Home Is The Essence Of Christmas (2009) and 12 Nights Of Christmas (2016). You can also stream them on various platforms like Apple Music, Amazon Music, or YouTube Music.


Joe is one of the most talented and versatile R&B singers of his generation, and his Christmas songs are no exception. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary tunes, Joe has something for everyone. So why not add some Joe Christmas lyrics to your holiday playlist and enjoy his smooth vocals and soulful melodies a474f39169


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