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Eyes - The Horror Game: A Review of the Old Version

Eyes - The Horror Game is a first-person perspective indie horror game that was released in 2013 by Paulina Pabis and MichaÅ Pabis. The game is inspired by Slender and challenges the player to explore an old, abandoned house and collect money bags while avoiding a ghost that haunts the place. The game has been updated several times since its release, adding new features, modes, and ghosts. However, some players may prefer the old version of the game for its simplicity, nostalgia, or difficulty. In this article, we will review the old version of Eyes - The Horror Game and compare it with the latest version.


The old version of Eyes - The Horror Game has a simple gameplay: the player has to find a certain number of money bags in the house and then escape through the exit door. The player can move with WASD keys, run with shift, jump with space, open doors with mouse click, pause with P, and use a map with M. The player can also use Q to activate a special ability called "ghost vision", which allows the player to see through the eyes of the ghost and locate its position. However, using this ability consumes stamina and makes the ghost more aware of the player's presence.

The game has two difficulty levels: normal and hard. In normal mode, the player has to find 12 money bags and can use ghost vision as much as they want. In hard mode, the player has to find 20 money bags and can only use ghost vision three times. The game also has a random mode, which randomizes the location of the money bags and the exit door.

The game's main antagonist is a ghost named Krasue, which is based on a Southeast Asian folklore creature that consists of a floating head with entrails hanging from its neck. Krasue roams around the house and chases the player if it sees or hears them. The player can hide from Krasue behind objects or in closets, but if Krasue catches them, it will kill them instantly and end the game. The game also features another ghost named Charlie, which is a bonus enemy that appears after completing the game once. Charlie is a tall, slender figure that wears a suit and a hat. Charlie is faster and smarter than Krasue and can open doors and closets.

Graphics and Sound

The old version of Eyes - The Horror Game has a low-poly graphics style that creates a dark and creepy atmosphere. The game uses dynamic lighting and shadows to enhance the immersion and tension. The game also has some jump scares that are triggered by events such as windows breaking, paintings falling, or doors slamming. The game's sound design is also effective in creating a sense of dread and suspense. The game uses ambient sounds such as wind, rain, thunder, creaks, footsteps, and whispers to set the mood. The game also uses sound cues to alert the player of Krasue's presence, such as her laughter, screams, or breathing.

Comparison with Latest Version

The latest version of Eyes - The Horror Game has many improvements and additions over the old version. Some of these are:

A new mode called Endless Mode, which challenges the player to collect as many money bags as possible without dying.

A new mode called Arcade Mode, which adds power-ups and coins to the game.

A new mode called Story Mode, which adds a backstory and cutscenes to the game.

A new mode called Multiplayer Mode, which allows the player to play online with other players as either humans or ghosts.

A new mode called Custom Mode, which allows the player to customize their own game settings.

A new ghost called Good Boy, which is a dog-like creature that can track the player by smell.

A new ghost called Eyeless Jack, which is a masked man that can teleport around the house.

A new ghost called Mr. Miles, which is a businessman that can manipulate objects in the house.

A new ghost called Bloody Mary, which is a woman that can appear in mirrors.

A new ghost called Granny Smith, which is an old lady that can summon spiders.

New locations such as an


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