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Master Organic Chemistry Reagent Guide Pdf Free Download

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Master Organic Chemistry Reagent Guide Pdf Free Download

Less-experienced organic chemistry tutors are about $40-$60/hr. The top-tier tutors who have a decade-plus of experience and comprehensive study guides often charge $150-$200/hr. Self-directed learning courses are listed above that run from $10-$40/month.

One of the things James' students had a hard time with was keeping all the "reagents" straight in organic chemistry, so his first product was a book called The Reagent Guide. The first version was a pretty basic, 68 page PDF created with a program called ChemDraw and fulfilled through Shopify, but he ended up making ten sales after emailing his 100 subscribers about it.

Thissurvival guide is the best companion for the typical university-level(sophomore-junior) organic chemistry lab courses. If you are either teaching ortaking any of those courses, get a copy of this book and jump into the nextlevel! 153554b96e


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