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Auslogics File Recovery Professional __HOT__

if you dont have a laptop, auslogics data recovery is worth a look. as the name implies, auslogics data recovery specializes in recovering lost data from hard drives. it can search for files across multiple partitions on a single drive, can search the entire drive and scan for lost files (without erasing them), and can even search inaccessible sectors on a disk. the software is fairly easy to use, making it ideal for anyone looking to get their old files back.

Auslogics File Recovery Professional

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there are a couple features that make this piece of software stand out. one is auslogics data recoverys unique feature of being able to search for a file by its physical location on a hard drive. this feature can be particularly useful for recovering data from drives that have been damaged in an accident or destroyed by malware. another feature that sets auslogics data recovery apart is its ability to search the entire drive, rather than just a particular partition. this feature is great for recovering the data you need without having to manually search through the thousands of sectors on a hard drive.

there is also some advanced functionality that i think sets auslogics data recovery apart from its competition. for instance, you can select a file type (e.g. word or excel) and the software will attempt to search for it, or you can select multiple types and auslogics data recovery will search for all of them.

while the free version of auslogics file recovery is good, you might want to consider a premium version that gives you more functionality. the following are just some of the things you can do with auslogics data recovery: you can select files and folders to recover, preview files and folders to see what content they contain, view file and folder content in hexadecimal mode, create a recovery catalog, search for files and folders, and create an ignore list. auslogics file recovery is fairly easy to use, and its interface is similar to most other windows file recovery programs.


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