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Ram For Mac 2011

Remember that only the late-2011 13-inch MacBook Pro supports SATA-III speeds on the optical drive port. Carrying out this upgrade on any 15-inch or 17-inch MacBook Pro models, or an earlier 13-inch model, will be nothing more than a waste of money.

Ram For Mac 2011

I have a late 2011 13-inch MacBook Pro that continues to be a workhorse. This particular model is the "option" model (2.8GHz MacBook Pro MD314LL/A) meaning it came with the Core i7 and a 750gb hard drive. Memory upgrades for the late 2011 should be the same for all models and sizes of that release cycle but do some research for yourself. The specs for this model and the standard 13-inch late 2011 can be found here (Apple Specs).

Both 2011 versions of the MacBook Pro have the same battery setup. They have fully integrated 63.5W per hour, lithium-polymer batteries. The recharge port has MagSafe technology. Apple manufactured this type of magnetically attached power port for easy cord and device fastening. This laptop has a battery life of approximately seven hours with moderate use.

Although you'll still be able to use Office for Mac 2011, you might want to upgrade to a newer version of Office so you can stay up to date with all the latest features, patches, and security updates. 076b4e4f54


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