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Machete Kills Again In Space 26

The storyline is certainly colorful, featuring many characters that share similar traits. Like Machete, each person brings a certain something to the table. The car chase sequence features a driver who is also a hot dancer. In addition, Machete visits his daughter Emily (Skyler Gisondo) before the game starts, but his son Lucas (Johnny Drago) is on Bisonte's side. Even his former flame, the no-nonsense and kick-ass Nacho (Rachel Bolan), is back in action.

machete kills again in space 26


Machete Kills is the 2013 sequel to 2010's Machete . Directed by Robert Rodriguez, the Grindhouse film finds the Mexican assassin Machete ( Danny Trejo ) recruited by the US President ( Carlos Estevez ) to track down a corrupt arms trader. Also returning from the first film are Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba, and new cast members include Lady Gaga, Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding Jr., Amber Heard, William Sadler, as well as Mel Gibson.

the film is also likely to return devotees to other works from the prolific genre director, including machete and the 1988 flip-flop of sorts desperado . the latter starred antonio banderas, willem dafoe, harvey keitel, and christian slater, and spawned two sequels.

rodriguez told deadline in 2013 that "its the machete that should be the star..lets give the star, the primary character the star treatment. its the guy that im playing now, the guy that i played in the first one." rodriguez will direct and star in a reboot of machete to be helmed by dj caruso and tim miller in 2016.


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