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Nanotechnology For Dummies


Nanotechnology For Dummies

The world of nanotechnology is ever changing and evolving; this fun and friendly guide demystifies the topic for anyone interested in how molecule-sized machines and processes affect our everyday lives. The authors begin with explaining the background of nanotechnology and then examine industries that are affected by this technology. Aiming to educate and simultaneously dispel common myths, the book explores the many nanotechnology-enabled consumer products available on the market today, ranging from socks to face lotion to jet skis to floor cleaners, to name a few.

Nanotechnology may be both the most promising and the most misunderstood technology in the world today, so you've come to the right place to learn all about it! Here, you can discover not only the concepts behind nanotechnologybut also how it's being applied in the real world. And you'll peek into the future to see some of the things nano can make possible.

"Nanotechnology For Dummies, 2nd Edition, guides the reader through a bright path of progress and possibility, on a road that will eventually lead to all that nanotechnology promises." --Desiree Dudley and Christine Peterson, Foresight Institute From the Foreword

This title demystifies the topic for investors, business executives, and anyone interested in how molecule-sized machines and processes can transform our lives. Along with dispelling common myths, it covers nanotechnology's origins, how it will affect various industries, and the limitations it can overcome. This handy book also presents numerous applications such as scratch-proof glass, corrosion resistant paints, stain-free clothing, glare-reducing eyeglass coatings, drug delivery systems, medical diagnostic tools, burn and wound dressings, sugar-cube-sized computers, mini-portable power generators, even longer-lasting tennis balls, and more. Nanotechnology is the science of matter at the scale of one-billionth of a meter or 1/75,000th the size of a human hair Written in the accessible, humorous For Dummies style, this book demystifies nanotechnology for investors, business people, and anyone else interested in how molecule-sized machines and processes will soon transform our lives Investment in nanotechnology is exploding, with $3.7 billion in nanotechnology R&D spending authorized by the U.S. government in 2003 and international investment reported at over $2 billion more Format ebook

Recently my co-author Nancy Muir Boysen and I finished an all-new edition of this bestselling introductory guide on nanotechnology. We have completely rewritten the book to cover nanotechnology basics plus recent advances in the field. Drawing on our experience in writing easy to understand information about nano on our website,, we authored this entry in the popular For Dummies series for those who want to learn nanotechnology basics and beyond.

We start with an overview of the history of nanotechnology along with some basic definitions and concepts. We then look at applications of nano in a variety of industries ranging from medicine to aerospace and defense.

The book looks at the many nanotechnology-enabled consumer products available on the market today, such as clothing, cosmetics and sporting goods, and provides real-world examples of applications under development that could cause radical changes in how we age, communicate, and build things.

The chapters in Part I introduce you to nanotechnology: what it is, where it came from, and the people who made key discoveries to advance the science. We also include chapters about nano materials, techniques used in manipulating those materials, and tools that every nanotechnologist should have in his or her nanotoolkit.

Nanotechnology may be relevant to you in a few keys ways. In Part III, we explore the ethical, safety, and regulatory issues that may have an effect on how you interact with nanotechnology products or processes in your daily life. We also ex


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