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Horny Gay Blogs

@ kevin..I'm a straight guy who has had sexual experience with a man first experience was very young something like 2nd grade..I was a curious kid like MOST KIDS..I enjoyed more exciting then pleasurful..the rush you get from it is crazy cause you "know/feel" wrong and weird..but deep down inside I wanted to do it and so did the other was only touchy feely the first time cause were young and inexperienced..but as I got older I had another experience with a close friend of the time my this time I was bout 13 and a horny teen..but once again I'm straight..not attracted to men never was..but like the 1st experience it was curiosity involved but this time my hormones where ragging and I honestly wanted to do started talking about girls from school and things we wanted to do with them like all teen boys do..well we began to get horny I guess porn came up some how and we started playing with we're nervously joking back and forth about how we wish there were girls here to help us..which were basically hints that we wanted to do he finally built up there courage to ask me if I would play with him if he played with of course I had to say no at first to make it seem not gay but I wanted to do I sat there for a little while thinking to myself how to get him to ask again cause he I was Intrested so I start getting hornier and hornier until I said we can do it but you cant tell nobody and of course he a he played with me first and then I did was really awkward after ..first real experience of ejaculating with another Male let alone another after that we did it more often to the point we got comfortable...we continued secretly doing it for serval years and experience a little more like anal and oral..but neither wanted of us like anal it jus felt way to gay..I didnt mind giving I jus didnt like taking and neither did he..and with oral it was also weird but it was one of those things where if we were horny enough we did it but it was very most of the time it was jus masturbation but it was great especially when we figured out we both enjoyed it..but like I said we hid it well we were best friends so nobody ever suspected it got to the point we were going over each other house jus to do it..the crazy part about it still to this day those moments were some of the most intense horny most ever..more hory then when I finally lost my virginity to a girl and when I did that I was for 4 years me and my friend did wasnt everday it was frequent...we even got a couple of our friends to do it with us on couple occasions..YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT SOMEBODY WOULD DO WHEN THERE HORNY/INTRESTED..1 of the guys we got to it with us might be 1 of the most gangster dudes I ever meet..but once again we were young and when we like 16 he moved away and I think about it all the time...I'm 29 now and I still think about it frequently and still get horny thinking about the experience..I even on a couple occasions watched gay porn cause I wanted to kinda relive the moment..but I'm totally straight not attracted to a man at all..I have a girl..2 kids..I dont look at myself gay but of course the rest of the world I never told anybody neither did he...matter of fact this is the only time I ever talked bout it...I think the experiences happened because I didnt build up the courage to ask a a kid it was easier to expose myself to my friend then a girl..but when you get horny with it that's when the experiences happen..and it is addictive...until oneday I meet this phat as girl lol when I was in the 11th grade...and boy i tell you she turned me out and from that point on I knew for a fact I wasn't gay..I enjoyed have sex with a woman it was sensual..and that is the difference..the feelings..being horny and liking some body are 2 totally different things..I'm convinced that most guys at a young age had an experience with a friend/relative of his..and he is lying if he said he didnt..and I said most not all..But point of the story is I agree when you say a guy Is going to lie about it..even if he knows that nobody will find out he will still most men there is nuffin more off limits then being gay because of how the world views they would never exposed themselves like that..that why most gay men wait so long to come out..some never come out..and I believe most men have sexually issues with being horny..and if he finds and gay guy at the right moment he will more then like do it especially if he isn't really sexually active...being horny doesn't have a sexual preference and curiosity kills the cat..he he feels comfortable enough to do he probably will...but I'm sure if he had the choice between a man a woman he would choice a woman..I dont believe if you had a sexual encounter/s with the same sex your have to be mentally and emotionally attracted that's what makes you gay..but at some point in time you have to make your mind cant continue to have sex with a man and not be gay or at least bisexual...if you are a MAN (not teen or kid) and want to have sex with a man but isn't attracted you are definitely either in denial or bisexual..most men wont do it cause of fear of getting caught rather then cause they think its kno when your gay..So with that being said will I ever do it again??...Idk who knows like I said I think about it frequently..I think the main problem would be jus cant..I'm grown now I honestly dont want to go another guy..but hey who knows being horny is dangerous..most marriages are ruined cause somebody was horny..I wonder what the married men percentage is...I wouldn't be surprised if it was high...its much easier to have sex with a gay guy and have no feeling behind it beside get one off lol...and it would be much easier to hid..

horny gay blogs

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