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Decije Pesme Leontina Free Download !!TOP!!


How to Download Leontina's Songs for Children for Free

Leontina Vukomanovic is a popular Serbian singer and songwriter who has composed and performed many songs for children. Her albums include Pesme za decu (Songs for Children) and Leontina i Ivana (Leontina and Ivana), which feature catchy melodies, playful lyrics and positive messages.

If you want to download Leontina's songs for children for free, you have a few options. One of them is to visit YouTube, where you can find many videos of her songs, such as Leontina - Pesme za decu - FULL ALBUM - (Audio 1998)[^1^]. You can use a YouTube downloader tool or website to convert the video into an MP3 file and save it on your device.

Another option is to visit, a music streaming service that also allows you to download some songs for free. You can find Leontina's album Decije Pesme[^2^] on, which includes 20 tracks such as Mis Je Dobio Grip (The Mouse Got the Flu), Babaroga (The Bogeyman) and Dobro nam dosao Deda Mraze (Welcome Santa Claus). To download a song, you need to create a free account on and click on the download button next to the track name.

A third option is to visit YouTube again and look for Leontina's other album Leontina i Ivana - Pesme za decu - FULL ALBUM - (Audio 2008)[^3^], which features 12 songs such as Zamisli (Imagine), Kad si srecan (When You Are Happy) and Zivot je lep (Life Is Beautiful). You can use the same YouTube downloader tool or website as before to convert the video into an MP3 file and save it on your device.

With these options, you can enjoy Leontina's songs for children for free anytime and anywhere. Her songs are fun, educational and inspiring for kids of all ages.

Leontina Vukomanovic is not only a singer, but also a composer, lyricist, conductor and founder of the children's choir "Charolija". She has won many awards and recognition for her work in music. She started her career in 1986, when she published her first songs. She was a composer and lyricist for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991 and 1992, and won awards for her interpretation at the festivals MESAM and Belgrade Spring in 1992.

Leontina has released three solo albums: Nemiri (Restlessness) in 1996, Ljubav bez ljubavi (Love Without Love) in 1998 and Sledeca (Next) in 2001. She has also collaborated with many famous singers, such as ToÅe Proeski, Åeljko JoksimoviÄ, Ana StaniÄ and Ivana Jordan. She has written songs for various festivals, such as Budva, SunÄane Skale, Beovizija and Radio Festival. She has received many prizes for her songs, such as Oscar of Popularity, Prince's Award, Melco and Beogradski Pobednik.

Leontina is also known for her humanitarian work. She has participated in many charity concerts and campaigns, such as "Stop Violence Against Children", "Children for Children", "One World One Voice" and "Children's Heart". She has also supported the education of children with special needs and disabilities. She has said that her mission is to make children happy with her music and to help them grow up healthy and confident. 248dff8e21


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