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Baghban Hindi Movie ((TOP)) Free Download

rohit is in love with anjali (meera chopra), and he tells her about his mother being heart broken when he was born. but she does not believe him as her mother did not love him. after much persuasion, rohit finally convinces her and takes her to his home, where he shows her the video he took of his mom. he shows the video to his dad and tells him his mom does not love him. raj is hurt and feels that if he did not have him, pooja would not have chosen him over alok. he does not approve of what rohit has done and wants to separate him from his wife and family. raj ends up getting his first heart attack and goes into a coma. the kids want to leave their home and live in another house. they send alok to get pooja while they stay with their paternal grandfather. when she learns that alok does not love her, she lets them go home. the kids tell her that alok is not there but, she believes that he loves her and not anjali, takes a pen and scratches a heart on her desk and is left alone.

Baghban hindi movie free download

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as the family returns to their home, pooja learns that alok did not come to meet her. pooja goes to their house and sees their grandfather's pen on the desk. she then goes to the house of anjali, where anjali explains the reason why she lied to pooja that she does not love her, and reveals the truth of what happened. she was in love with ajay and had seen the video of rohit and taken the pen from his home. she has been seeing ajay secretly since their first date. on raj's return, pooja demands that alok be brought home. he is as his old self and wants to be separated from anjali. raj is worried about pooja, who is caring for alok and has stopped eating. she believes that alok is her son and does not want to lose him and says that raj does not need her or his children. pooja later takes a drive and is stopped by some men, who introduce themselves as the man that she believes is her son. she does not identify them.


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