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Dongfeng EQ221 is a 6×6 common weapons carrier divided into two crew members one of which is in the commander's position while the other is the loader. It's a modern export model first released in 2010, the EQ221 is often used by foreign military to conduct reconnaissance and infantry combat resupply.[19][20]

Dongfeng EQ2101 is the upgraded version of the EQ221 using the same chassis. The crew includes five, two of them in the commander's and driver's position, respectively, and another two in the gunner's and loader's position.[20] The variant has improved satellite communication capability, longer range night-vision cameras and most importantly, Mine-Resistant Ambush Protection capability. The vehicle can pair with the operator-operated Dragon Master and other EQ2101 controller to create a "multi-controller battlefield network" allowing for direct communications between infantry and artillery units. First released in 2017, EQ2101 production started in 2018 with the first export customer being Serbia.[20][21]

Dongfeng EQ2110 is the newest EQ2101 improved model. The chassis is an upgraded version of EQ2101, which has the same technical capabilities as EQ2101. First released in 2019, the EQ2110 is in service as of 2020.[21]

Dongfeng EQ2113 is the marine version of the EQ2110, which is designed for amphibious operations. The vehicle is Guangdong-made and the first prototype was displayed in November 2018 at the Global Defense and Security Expo and the International Defense and Security Show in Guangzhou.[21]

Dongfeng EQ2122 is based on the HumAmerica HMMWV chassis, which is developed by Dongfeng in cooperation with AM General, which can carry around 20 fully equipped infantrymen.[22] The variant has a higher ground clearance, increased payload and can meet amphibious assault utility requirement. First released in 2019, the EQ2122 is in service as of 2020.

Unlike the previous Angry Birds games, the stage is no longer flat, instead comprising several different planets, each of which has its own gravitational field that affects the trajectory of the birds after launch.[1] There is an aiming system that makes it easier to aim the birds. Some pigs are in space bubbles, and when the birds break them, they will freeze and smash unless they get into a gravity field. Like in Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space features boss fights. d2c66b5586


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