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FS2004: Canaria Islands 37

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FS2004: Canaria Islands 37

Tenerife was an unscheduled stop for both flights. Their destination was Gran Canaria Airport (also known as Las Palmas Airport or Gando Airport), serving Las Palmas on the nearby island of Gran Canaria. Both islands are part of the Canary Islands, an autonomous community of Spain located in the Atlantic Ocean off the southwest coast of Morocco.

Both flights had been routine until they approached the islands. At 13:15, a bomb planted by the separatist Canary Islands Independence Movement exploded in the terminal of Gran Canaria Airport, injuring eight people.[15] There had been a phone call warning of the bomb, and another call received soon afterwards made claims of a second bomb at the airport. The civil aviation authorities had therefore closed the airport temporarily after the explosion, and all incoming flights bound for Gran Canaria had been diverted to Los Rodeos, including the two aircraft involved in the disaster.[4] The Pan Am crew indicated that they would prefer to circle in a holding pattern until landing clearance was given (they had enough fuel to safely stay in the air for two more hours), but they were ordered to divert to Tenerife.[16]

Now from the scenery developer Fly Wonderful Islands is their Canary Islands scenery add-on package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This will bring a highly detailed scenery environment for the Canary Islands and surrounding areas to your copy of FSX. The scenery features five airports on the islands and greatly enhanced ground, vehicle and other textures.

This is the second version of SpainUHD, a photoscenery that covers the entire country, mainland and islands, and continental Portugal. Its main features are: -100% free and open imagery and elevation data, from official sources.-High definition mesh, generated from scratch with Meshtool 3 and official MDT25+LiDAR elevation data (25meter resolution),-High resolution imagery. Zoom level 17 on mainland and 18 on islands. Unlike Google's imagery that comes in compressed jpeg, our textures come from uncompressed GeoTiff sources, with only one stage of compression (DXT1), keeping a higher level of detail and sharpness.

How come I've never come across this one! I've been literally scavenging for years for good free scenery packages. Somehow this just never came up in my searches and arguably it doesn't get any better than this. I downloaded just the El Hierra scenery, which is one of the smaller Canary islands. It has zoomlevel 18 photo scenery; so it has a bit more detail than most of the rest of the scenery. If you are looking to try out this scenery, start here because it is the smallest download (400MB); the rest of the downloads are in the range of 1-7GB. The island has only one airport, GCHI, which is a nice coastal airport with 3d buildings from the scenery gateway. I flew around the island in a super cub PA-18 that was recently published on (awesome as well, and great for VFR) and it takes about 20 minutes at around 100 knots.This stuff just looks jaw droppingly awesome on my two year old imac 5k in xplane 10.51 with everything maxed out (except no HDR). Amazingly, I was still getting around 50-70 fps. Unusually smooth; I'm used to running with 20-30. Probably the reason is that the 3d content of the default scenery is pretty light on the canary islands (some houses and roads). But what little there is blends well into the scenery. What's nice about this island is that it has some villages on the higher plains with spectacular views to the lower plains.

Thanks Paulo, but there aren't sources with imagery of the Portuguese islands that allows free redistribution, that's why they aren't included within this package. Instituto Geográfico Português only offers open data of continental territory.

Yes I checked right now and DGRF still doesn't offer imagery for the islands (at least as open data). Anyways your link just shows DEM data that is useless without imagery, in X


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