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This is a complicated one; Jack had just finished his fourth year at University studying Law. His girlfriend of two months had just ditched him, telling him she liked him as a person, but she wasn't sure if he would be part of her future. His girlfriend was Mags, the daughter of May, Jack's mum's best friend. Jack had been attracted to Mags because she was beautiful, tall and had big tits. Also as being a friend of the family was another factor. For nearly the last three years, Jack had an affair with his Class Lecturer; she was a high-powered businessman's neglected wife. She was fifty-five; Jack had loved the sex; she had taught him so much.

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May was so friendly to Jack for the next few weeks, giving him hugs, pulling him close to her, letting him feel the weight of her massive tits on his chest. May was sure that Jack was responding, but Mags was still around, and May was worried that Mags saw what she was up to. Jack certainly noticed how May was when he was at her house. May had a very sophisticated alarm system in her home. One Saturday night, May had left Jack and Mags in the lounge. The concealed camera was in a mirror facing the door; anyone coming in the door would be captured on film. In its line of view, it took in the couch. Mags was giving Jack a hand job. Jack's cock was massive; she had never seen one as big; Mags was right; it was beautifully proportioned. May then got a big dildo out and started working her very wet pussy with it. Naturally, may wanted Jack's cock.

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