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''N'Namdi is a terrific Trainer! What I enjoyed most about our sessions is, he studies you  as an athlete and focus on improving your skill set. I came to him wanting to be a better athlete all around, graciously, I became a better person too. He taught me skills, along with discipline and dedication into achieving goals. And because of that, I was able to have many opportunities.''

Skyy Simmons, Professional Football Player

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I had the pleasure of training with N'Namdi for about 2 years. When I first met him I was just this skinny little girl who dreamed of playing college softball. Although I ultimately decided not to play at the collegiate level, N'Namdi increased my speed and performance to a level where I could’ve easily. Training with him was always a great experience, he had a way of pushing and motivating me to my max but still making it enjoyable. N'Namdi is one of the reasons why I still have a passion for exercise, and why I am pursuing a degree in physical therapy.

Samantha L, D.P.T

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''My international touring schedule is very draining when I travel and perform concerts almost everyday. I know that N'Namdi will be there for me when I get home to whip me into better physical shape. He trains me hard and pushes me to my physical limits. I know this endurance helps me as a cellist onstage and I am so lucky to know him!''

Amanda Forsyth, Professional Cellist

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I have worked with many different trainers over the years. It wasn't until I met N'Namdi that my weaknesses were identified and addressed, and my strengths were recognized and developed. I would highly recommend N'Namdi as a personal trainer.

Judy L., Fashion

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When it comes to increasing an athletes overall athleticism, N'Namdi is very knowledgeable.

Jimmer Fredette, Professional Basketball Player

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