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How to create a home exercise plan

Happy September, I hope you have enjoyed your summer and Labor Day weekend. A few weeks ago, I gave a presentation on how to create a home-based

exercise plan. Below are some the bullet points I discussed.

Benefits of exercise/Physical activity

• Improves cardiovascular health

• Improves muscular fitness

• Functional capacity

• Quality of life

• Mental health

• Reduces risk factor of diseases

• Risk of falling

• Improves body composition

How to create a basic home workout plan

• Par Q is recommended

• 5-10 warm-up

• Safe area tips

• Emergency contact

FITT-VPP guidelines for creating home workout plan

Frequency: Resistance training 2-3 days per week. 3-5 days per week for aerobic training depending on the intensity.

Intensity: Use a RPE scale of 0-10 (0 being easy, 10 being very difficult)

with the following parameters for resistance training and aerobic exercise.

Very light to light = 1-4

Moderate to vigorous = 5-8

Vigorous to very vigorous = 7-10

Time- 20-50 minutes for resistance training (keep in mind more sets and reps will increase total duration of workout). For aerobic activities 10 minutes or less for deconditioned individuals. 20-40 minutes for aerobic conditioning.

Type: Focus on mult-joint body Weight exercises like push-ups and squats for resistance training.

Aerobic activity:

light to moderate: Brisk walking up/down hallway

Intermediate: jogging/jumping jacks

Advanced: running/jump rope


Resistance training

8-12 repetitions for muscular strengthening

13-20 repetitions for muscular endurance

Minimal 2 sets each session/muscle group

Aerobic training: Work duration should be the focus Example 3 sets of jumping jacks 30 seconds per set

Final notes on FITT-VP

• Rest 1-3 minutes after set to allow proper recovery

Progression: as exercises become easier (easy to perform/less time to recover after sets) gradually increase intensity

• Increase by taking less rest time/ Choosing more advanced exercises

N’Namdi Nelson M.B.A, CSCS, ACSM-EP, PES, CES

P.S For a specific exercise program for your goals or more information please contact me at

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