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The most popular of such mementos is the sobriety medallion or chip. One of the earliest AA members carried such a token (Clarence H. Snyder, founder of AA group #3 in Cleveland in 1939), but the practice of bestowing sobriety chips is attributed to the Oxford Group in Elmira, New York, in 1947.

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Additionally, many groups make it their practice to hand out poker chips or marbles at the one-week, one-, three-, six- and nine-month milestones. These less formal tokens of recognition, while of no appreciable monetary value themselves, are treasured nonetheless because they are peer group recognitions of the struggle the individual is engaged in. For someone fighting day by day to maintain his newfound sobriety in the face of all life has to throw at him, they serve as tangible reminders that others (particularly those who have also weathered these storms) have noted the newcomer's progress and are cheering him on. They also serve as tangible reminders of his promises to himself.

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Coffee pot, One day at a time aluminum and bronze, several 24 hour chips, various Camel coins, To thine ownself be true coin, Praying hands with Serenity prayer and 7th step prayer reminder coin, etc.. Various finishes and metals.

According to, early in the history of the 12-Step Program, there is evidence that many people in AA carried momentos to remind themselves of their commitment to a sober lifestyle.1 The practice of giving sobriety chips in AA is thought to have started with an AA group in Indianapolis in 1942. Other AA groups soon followed suit.

AA sobriety coins are small, round tokens. They come in a variety of different colors, which each signify different milestones in sobriety. AA sobriety chips are also made with a variety of materials, including aluminum and brass, sometimes also with gold or silver plating. Some may even have crystals.

The present-day practice of giving AA sobriety chips is used to celebrate successful sobriety milestones. The use of AA sobriety chips varies from group to group, but many 12-Step fellowships offer chip nights or medallion nights to honor the individuals who are receiving a token. Other fellowship groups give them out during AA meetings.

Many AA groups also offer new members a 24-hour medallion. The 24-hour medallion signifies the fact that the decision to live life sober is a daily decision that is made one day at a time. Although each group operates differently, sobriety chips are usually given to members at several different points during their first year of sobriety, including one month, three months, six months, nine months, and one year. However, many other sobriety milestones may be celebrated with AA chips like 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc.

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