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How to Download and Install iBooks Author on Your Mac

iBooks Author is a free application that allows you to create stunning multi-touch books for iPad and Mac. You can use it to make textbooks, cookbooks, history books, picture books, and more. In this article, we will show you how to download and install iBooks Author on your Mac.

Step 1: Download the iBooks Author dmg file

To download iBooks Author, you need to have a Mac running OS X 10.11 or later. You can get iBooks Author from the Mac App Store or from the Apple website. Here are the links:

iBooks Author on the Mac App Store

iBooks Author on the Apple website

Once you click on one of the links, you will see a page with a button that says "Get" or "Download". Click on it and wait for the download to finish. The file name should be something like "iBooksAuthor.dmg".

Step 2: Open the iBooks Author dmg file

After the download is complete, locate the iBooksAuthor.dmg file in your Downloads folder or wherever you saved it. Double-click on it to open it. You will see a window with an icon that says "iBooks Author". Drag and drop this icon to your Applications folder. This will copy iBooks Author to your Mac.

Step 3: Launch iBooks Author

To launch iBooks Author, go to your Applications folder and double-click on the iBooks Author icon. You will see a welcome screen that gives you an overview of what you can do with iBooks Author. You can also choose from a variety of templates that suit your book's genre and style. Click on "Choose" to select a template and start creating your book.


iBooks Author is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that lets you create amazing multi-touch books for iPad and Mac. You can download and install it for free from the Mac App Store or the Apple website. To start creating your book, just open iBooks Author, choose a template, and add your own text, images, videos, widgets, and more.

Step 4: Preview your book

As you create your book, you can preview it on your Mac or on your iPad. To preview your book on your Mac, click on the "Preview" button in the toolbar. You will see a window that shows how your book will look on an iPad. You can use the arrow keys or swipe gestures to navigate through the pages. To preview your book on your iPad, you need to have iBooks installed on your device and connect it to your Mac with a USB cable. Then, click on the "Preview" button and choose your device from the menu. Your book will be transferred to your iPad and opened in iBooks. You can interact with your book as if it were published.

Step 5: Publish your book

When you are happy with your book, you can publish it to the iBookstore and share it with the world. To publish your book, you need to have an iTunes Connect account and agree to the terms and conditions. You can sign up for an iTunes Connect account at Once you have an account, click on the "Publish" button in iBooks Author and follow the steps to submit your book. You will need to provide some information about your book, such as title, description, category, price, etc. You will also need to upload a cover image and a sample file. After you submit your book, it will be reviewed by Apple and made available on the iBookstore within a few days.

Step 6: Update your book

If you want to make changes to your book after publishing it, you can update it at any time. To update your book, open it in iBooks Author and make the changes you want. Then, click on the "Publish" button and choose "Update Existing Book". You will see a list of your published books and their current versions. Choose the book you want to update and click on "Next". You will be asked to confirm the changes and provide a new version number. After you submit the update, it will be reviewed by Apple and made available on the iBookstore within a few days. a474f39169


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