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Knights Of H

Second, it is wrong to assume that every nobleman was a knight. Knights were not born but created, by other knights, feudal lords, or sometimes priests. And, under certain conditions, people of non-noble birth could be knighted (although the knighting was often regarded as their admission into lower nobility). On some occasions, mercenaries or civilians fighting as ordinary soldiers could be knighted for exceptional displays of courage and valor, while in later times a knighthood could be bought.

knights of h

Plague Knight is one of eight knights of the Order of No Quarter who serves the Enchantress and is a master alchemist. His lair is the Explodatorium. He is also the protagonist of Plague of Shadows, in which he seeks to craft the Ultimate Potion from the Essence of the Order's members.

In Shovel of Hope, Plague Knight is one of the felon knights standing between Shovel Knight and the Tower of Fate. He can be found and fought in the Explodatorium where he conducts his experiments. He reappears later at the top of the Tower of Fate for a revenge fight. Like other villain knights, he can be either left hanging after the fight or helped up.

Plague Knight first encounters Black Knight in the Plains who discovered the Alchemist's schemes. He misunderstands Plague Knight's motive as trying to beguile the Magicist with his concoction, then tries to stop him before he can harm the Enchantress. After the battle, Plague Knight later regains his hideout to put his plan into motion, betray and seek the Order's knights and the Enchantress herself. 041b061a72


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